Week through Adrian's Lenses (15-21 May 2023)

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Let's see what we have for this week's roundup.

Week on Hive

3Speak Now Has a Mobile App on Google Play Store

While the 2 main mobile stores for Android and iPhone have been known to apply censor for sometimes arbitrary reasons, being on mobile in one form or another is a must, if you want some level of adoption.

3Speak just announced this week that their app has been approved on Google Play Store.

Testnet for VSC

Vaultec has already done enough work on VSC to need a testnet and others involved. He asked that if anyone can, to run a testnet node and there are already people running them. This is his call to action post.

News from Exode and Web3 Conference in Berlin

Exode published a post this week to give us some idea what's been going on with the game. From there, people really interested find out that the latest news are always presented on their discord. Elindos mentions it's been 50k characters of updates on discord since the last update post.

He was also present this week in the Crypto Maniacs podcast, where he mentioned he'll be a speaker at the Web3 conference in Berlin next month. I also saw @crimsonclad, @detlev, @arcange and @starkerz among the speakers (Hive is one of the sponsors).

Over half a million LEO staked on LPUD

Leofinance's Zealy campaign is doing great. One of multiple focus-points of the campaign was to increase LEO staked on LEO Power Up Day. I think it's more than double compared to the previous record. This is just one of the topics discussed at this week's AMA with Khal and Matt.

New Simple Tool to Monitor HBD Debt Level

@dalz has created a simple tool to monitor the HBD debt level. He created the interface very simple and easy to follow on purpose. This is the announcement post.

SplinterForge User Guide

SplinterForge decided to put together and release a user guide for everyone interested. It's in a gitbook format we started to see more often lately around our ecosystem. You can start from here.

Podcast with the Dev of Hive-Tube/Cast.Garden

I thought it is an important podcast to share, since they are apps that use Hive and he talks about Hive, among other things. The talk touches on many topics, and it can be quite loaded at times.

Week in the Crypto World

Ledger Recover to... Facilitate Adoption

Ledger had the "incredible" idea to add a recover option starting from the next update to Nano X. It also looks like it's full KYC so they won't leave anything to chance, in case "someone" asks them something like "who moves bitcoin through your ledgers?". Here's the story.

Axie Infinity on Apple Store

This is quite a big move since mobiles are a huge market and from what I know Axie is a simple game which is probably suitable for mobile. Here are some details.

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Hive is certainly going to be well-represented in Berlin.
That should bring a few people out of the woodwork.

This is another great post, Adrian.
You do a great job of keeping us up to date on the crypto world.


@gadrian! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @beststart. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Hive is certainly going to be well-represented in Berlin.

Yes, it will. I hope we will have a quick "official" post about that. I found out about it from Elindos who mentioned his presence there.

There is a lot of news that I missed. I really think that threads and the weekend engagement battle blew through my free time. Thanks for all the updates.

I really think that threads and the weekend engagement battle blew through my free time.

I saw some rankings from there. Leaders in the ranking probably dream about Threads at night (if they sleep).

It was a rough battle...I barely managed to slay taskmaster. He wouldn't stop but I had a few people helping me and we managed to push me past him. The top 12 all had over 1.5k threads (including me).

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Whoa! Congrats! I just looked at the ranking 2 hours before the end. Then, you were still trying to slay Taskmaster. You guys are crazy, lol!

Always like reading your summaries. Clear and palatable.

Hahaha, thanks! Appreciate it.

Thank you for all the awesome new things that happened this past week @gadrian! Barb !BBH !CTP

You're welcome, Barb.

😊👍 !BBH !CTP

Some good news. what? Axie is on Play Store? when does this happen? It's a good lover for Axie lovers.

Axie is on Play Store? when does this happen?

The news is from this week. Not sure when it happened. Yep, Axie players must be happy.

But it's token are not moving in upword direction.

I read somewhere AXS was +12%. But if the tokenomics has issues, that will be reversed quickly.

That is very good
I'm very sure that a lot of people will begin to use 3Speak app

I haven't tried it, but if it works well on Android, that's something great for 3Speak and for Hive.

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