When Will You Sell Your BTC Holding?

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If you ask a crypto investor, enthusiast, and random lover of cryptocurrency what price they expect BTC to reach in the nearest foreseeable future, possibly 10 years, you will be so shocked at people calling prices in the 100s of thousands of dollars. Some people would say $100k, others would go as high as $400k -$500k. You see, if these figures are reached, it will be a beautiful thing for crypto investors who had faith in their investments, especially people who started investing from the early days of Bitcoin.

Currently, there are 19,116,356.25 BTC in existence, and more BTC are mined every 10 minutes after a new block is mined. There are over 460 million Bitcoin wallets, 53 million Bitcoin Traders, and 106 million people own BTC (You can check the info on Buy Bitcoins Worldwide.

With this, over 280 million wallet address are empty, with some that perform transactions only once since its creation. About 172 million Bitcoin address, represents Bitcoin addresses that are active for transaction, but the majority of the addresses in the space of about 150 million are owned by cryptocurrency exchanges, and merchants. With this, only about 25 million addresses are individual wallets, which aren't on exchanges. This means that majority of these wallets do not have of to 0.5BTC in them.

With companies and individuals buying and hoarding BTC in their wallet, waiting for the price to skyrocket, what will happen when Bitcoin reaches the 21 million mining cap which will cause the price of the coin to skyrocket to Mars?

At that time, there will be an increase in the demand of this coin, which will lead to a significant rise, tempting a lot of holders to sell their coin, so they can make profit, or satisfy the demand. Since this is going to happen inevitably, at what price do you intend to sell your BTC holdings, and how many percent do you intend to sell?

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