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RE: $HIVE games for Hive

in LeoFinance13 days ago

I hadn't realised quite how significant the upcoming changes could be. I don't really manage my Hive in the way I used to manage Steem. I've been focussed more on the secondary tokens.

Resource Credit delegation sounds promising.

I do suspect at some point, HIVE will no longer be earnable on content creation

I think this will be a good thing. It will make Hive less confusing to the outside. I see many posts that talk about Hive but don't really differentiate whether they are talking about the platform, the blockchain or the token. It may be obvious when you are on the inside but it's just confusing if you aren't.

There are plenty of other communities where people can earn on content creation. I wonder what percentage of posts only earn Hive these days.

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