#289 Gridcoin.ch faucet donation post

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Everything I collect with this post will be donated to the faucet!

Why donations are important

Gridcoin is growing recently and new users are joining every day. If a new user wants to check whether the wallet is set up correctly, the small transaction of the faucet helps him. A faucet helps new users to get started fast and completely for free. There is no need to signup or to beg for a donation.
Gridcoin has three faucets at the moment: 1, 2 Discord Bot, 3.
All faucets have distributed large amounts of Gridcoin to the community. The operators pay for the Gridcoins themself. But faucets are important for the Gridcoin community so the community should support the faucets!

Past donations

This is the 289. post with which I hope to collect hive dollars to donate to the Gridcoin Switzerland Faucet.
Thanks to all the upvoters I was able to donate about 80,228 Gridcoins to the faucet.

Newest donation

I traded it on blocktrades for dash and sold it on SoutXChange for BTC. I haven't withdrawn the GRC yet because the wallet on SouthXchange is offline. I will do it as soon as it comes back online.

Future ideas

I will make a post like this every 7 days or so when I find the time to do that. Everything I collect with this post will be donated to the faucet!

Further information about Gridcoin

  • Gridcoin Homepage - The actively maintained and developed homepage of GRC globally.
  • Gridcoin Subreddit - Anything GRC related. The developers read the comments posted here, and will in all likelihood directly address any questions you pose within the day.
  • Gridcoin on Wikipedia - About Gridcoin
  • Getting started - Information about how to get started with Gridcoin
  • Gridcoin Faucet

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