Time Is Thinking For Big Move For Lbi Market Again Hit 25 cents Soon

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The market getting rejected up around 195 cents.. i should have elevated a little bit higher. i should have brought it up closer to around 21 cents. what i'm going to do the market has already spoken it tells what it wants to do .
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We don't need to come in and try to see something the market is telling us where the issues at as long as the price in lbi break above 20 cents. we're going to continue to consolidate and even go up. why i'm still looking for the price in lbi to come up .

You can see it the market in lbi from jan. what i expected originally i'm going to extend this out further it looks like go out a little bit longer than. what i intended what i would like to have seen is the price to come stable.
The next opportunity but the market had other plans it has a different agenda. we i'm going to extend this line.Whenever the market comes through next thing where the market area of going to update where i see the market area of support this bearish sentiment we're seeing on the market this was the opportunity for us to see the progression of higher prices following this price.
We should have seen the market in lbi continue to go up the price is still not going up in what's going on it tells us again is a major problem for we need to take as an indication the price is strong .

We're seeing the price closing up towards this market is a little strong i'm looking for the price to go i'm looking for it to go stable i'm playing the strength the market is strong the price to come up slightly you need to expect these things to happen you think the price in lbi is going to continue to hold this trend .

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