What Happens With The King Crypto Going Below Macro Resistance Level

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What’s happens with bitcoin in a macro environment, if bitcoin goes below the macro downtrend resistance level as an analyst who goes by the name Rekt which he further gave an explanation about this market scenario which he says that he sees it as a significant moment for the king crypto bitcoin.


If BTC is below the Macro Downtrend resistance, But the way the Downtrend is constructed, breakout price point will be ~$23,400 next month.
So if BTC holds these highs or even just stays above ~$23,400 heading into April.It will register a technical breakout.

At the time of writing bitcoin was slightly trading above $27k which was far above 10% increase since the last decline in price which was said to be attributed to the collapse of SVB, few other banking institutions in the financial space.

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