A Portion Of My Rewards Will Go To LeoFinance So We Can Invest In SEO

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I talked about the latest LeoFinance post over here: LeoFinance Paves The Way With The MOST Important Form Of Traffic!, and we have seen a bunch of posts talking about this. One of the latest ones I've read was this: AskLeo - The $18,000 AI Marketing Dilemma. How Many Leos are In? from @acesontop. After reading that article, and making a few comments, I started to realize that we probably have very slim chances to get these SEO Tools funded from the DHF, even though I truly believe this would be exactly what the DHF is for..

So, while I've been going back- and forth on this, thinking about this a lot.. Especially as I know how important optimization is for rankings and organic traffic. I came up with an answer..

(@eddiespino mentioned this in the article above as well).

I have always been a firm believer in 'pay it forward' systems and mindsets and I love to be a part of an engaging, fun and strong community so I have decided to donate portions of my rewards.

  • I love LeoFinance and I want us to succeed.

From the moment I know that LeoFinance will decide to go for these SEO tools, I will set @leofinance as beneficiary from my new posts or, possibly donate a total of 10% of my total earnings on a weekly basis.


Those are my two different options and I haven't been able to decide which one I will go with as of yet. Setting @leofinance as beneficiary would be the easiest thing to do. It takes me literally 3 seconds to do that and everything is done automatically. LeoFinance would get 5% of the rewards from my posts, so it's basically a "set and forget" type of system.

Manually sending 10% of my rewards once per week would involve more work, but it would also give me the chance to send 10% instead of 5%, so I would basically give 2x the amount per week.

Regardless of the approach, I am likely to share details about this along the road.

I would not have to donate out of my own pocket directly by doing this, as I would use my future rewards and this would also give other users on LeoFinance a great opportunity to help the cause by voting on my future content as well. It's a win/win situation regardless of the path I take..

So, @khaleelkazi, I will let you decide.

  • Option 1: Set @leofinance as beneficiary. (Or another account dedicated to this)
  • Option 2: Donate 10% of my weekly rewards.

I will play along and do what I have stated within this post for a long period of time. This is my announcement and contribution towards an optimized, thriving community. The consumers of this content can do the same, or be part of this cause by rewarding my future posts, if and when khal has given us the green light.

What you do is entirely up to you, and this is not advice or something I do in an attempt to convince you that it's a good approach. There might be better options or an awesome solution that would yield greater results, but this is what I have decided to do. I know how important SEO is, and I clearly see the tremendous, unlimited pool of organic traffic that is waiting for us..

This is my contribution.

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I will follow your example! If we all contribute a little we can make this investment lighter.

I'm excited for the upcoming things! And what I was thinking maybe the proposal on the DHF could be done after the tools has been bought and showed it's result. I heard this work philosophy from @theycallmedan once. But maybe it won't be needed at all.

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If we all contribute a little we can make this investment lighter.

That is exactly my thought..
Even if we see this being funded by the DHF or if Khal decides to fund this in another way, I figured I could still do this and Khal could decide if he would want to use those rewards to get back some of his initial investment or if he wanted to burn the tokens.. I would leave that up to him.

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Yes in the meantime we can help with the beneficiary option and also help by promoting the platform.

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Indeed! Anything helps. Everything adds up. :)

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How many people are dedicated to making LEO work? Now divide that by 18k. Pony up with new money and quickly realize 18k is peanuts.

That is true. If we get a lot of people involved and willing to help out, we would do it quickly without any problems.

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Awesome idea. I had the thought of a token offering to raise the funds but Option 1 sounds great too. Actions like this is what will make LEO rise like cream

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Yeah, I think this is very doable actually. Option 1 would cost you 5% of the rewards, but if dozens of Lions did this, there would be thousands of LEOs in total.

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I'm donating 5% because it seems like a decent thing to do taking the fact that these guys are working hard!

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That is awesome! They totally deserve it and we would reach the $18K in no time if we grouped up and did this together.

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This is one of the great characteristics of this platform, the sense of belonging, that we love this project. Very good your initiative, I congratulate you.

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Yeah, I think it's important to remember that we have an opportunity to change our lives with Hive and LeoFinance.. It can and will be life changing for many of us. At least to some extent.

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Thanks @hitmeasap!

Everything counts and your support is what I find most valuable here. Thank you for being an awesome 🦁

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Just figured that this is something I could do personally, without being affected much, and everything adds up.

What I wrote in a other comment would still work as well. You could decide if you want to keep the funds, sell or burn it if you manage to fund this in another way.

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I think I pay the idea of setting leofinance as my beneficiary for at least 10% of all my earning going forward, at least until we can make up the $18k needed. Those it apply to both to Leo and hive--the beneficiary thing?

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I actually don't know if it works on LEO rewards or all the other tokens as well.

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Hi @hitmeasap
This post is illustrative of the greatness of this community. Wow!
I am in!

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