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RE: Do we should invest in dogcoin cryptocurrency now?

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Source of plagiarism 1
Source of plagiarism 2

Plagiarism is the copying & pasting of others' work without giving credit to the original author or artist. Plagiarized posts are considered fraud and violate the intellectual property rights of the original creator.
Guide: Why and How People Abuse and Plagiarise
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Can you share the plagiarism bot you used? I wanna check plagiarism my self. Even if its 20% plagiarism i will justify you. Actually i know you r doing you job and understand the responsibility you hold but @pain25 is my friend i hope he quickly appeal in discord. I will test this for plagiarism too. As always i will help hivewatchers if i see plagiarism and report. I just wish pain25 is not added to downvote trial of spaminator

Thanks for your detailed reply. I will keep reporting to you if I see any plagiarism or rephrasing. I will also not plagiarize. I really appreciate your reply SIR/MADAM!

U have to know that is that a fact that u will found it at any websit , i do my research from coingecko because to me is most trusted website , that not mean i copy or i stole there information, there shears there information withe the world , i also dedicate some eforts like pictures to theme , and they don't have broblem to shear some of there information because is public , websites like coingecko Wikipedia they don't maind to take some fact from it and put it to your blog .

First my frind this information is from coingecko not from this person, so this person you got here is also taking he's information from coingecko and he didn't break copywrite low because coingecko didn't have problem to put some of it's research in your own article , am talking about the fact information that can't change , and if you change it its will be a lay and a false information.