LEO&HODL Contest Winners - Focus:LeoGlossary πŸŽ‰

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There is a weekly LeoFinance and HODL Community contest that distributes 175 LEO to top 3 entries. The aim of the contest is to raise awareness of LEO Products and discuss on their contribution to our ecosystem. With your posts and LeoThreads, you can get upvotes from @hodlcommunity and get tickets for 175 LEO contest.


We are still setting up a sustainable contest system that can be beneficial for our growing ecosystem. Meanwhile, we constantly add and remove some tasks and prioritize some weekly focus items.

For the third week, we had 6 valid entries:

Let's see them πŸ‘‡





FOMO The LEO Glossary and the LEO&HODL Contest by @tengolotodo



Leo & HODL Contest Week 4: by @mrenglish



Learning with the LeoGlossary and the LEO&HODL Contest. by @deraaa



LeoGlossary: How This Library Onchain is Helping LeoFinance (LEO&HODL Contest) by @ifarmgirl-leo



LEO&HODL Contest : A look at the Leoglossary by @b0s



Hall of Fame - The Winners

First of all, we would like to thank all our authors for their amazing posts. This week, we discussed the reason why we power up Leo tokens and how to join LPUD. Besides, the contributions of this Leo event to our ecosystem are mentioned!

Number 1 of LPUD Contest: @tengolotodo - 100 LEO Tokens πŸ”₯
Number 2 of LPUD Contest: @ifarmgirl-leo - 50 LEO Tokens 🀩
Number 3 of LPUD Contest: @mrenglish - 25 LEO Tokens πŸ€


@b0s , @henrietta27 , @deraaa are sent 3 POB tokens by @idiosyncratic1

Thank you for your efforts πŸ™πŸΌ

Proof of LEO 🦁

LEO tokens will be sent to the top authors of the weekly LEO&HODL Challenge from @hodlcommunity account. The screenshot will be shared in the comment section.

All of the entries are revieved and upvoted by @hodlcommunity. Thank you for your contributions ✌🏼

Waiting for the fourth week impatiently πŸ”₯

Leo&Hodl Authors

Our previous competitors will always have a special place for our contests. We would like to thank them for their participation.

@ksam | @ifarmgirl-leo | @mrenglish | @tengolotodo | @merit.ahama | @henrietta27 | @deraaa | @b0s

Glad to say that we have added 1 more author to our contestors! We will be glad to support their awesome work on our growing ecosystem ✌🏼

hive colorful gif.gif

In the first week, We talked about LeoThreads

In the second week, we talked about LeoBridges

In the third week, we talked about Leo PowerUP Day

In the fourth week, we talked about LeoGlossary by Taskmaster

This week, until October 1, we will talk about Leo.voter (@leo.voter) and its contributions to our ecosystem! I'm sure there are lots of things to say about it!

Now it is time!



Stay tuned for the rules and the details of the fifth week of the contest. The details of the fifth week will be shared by @idiosyncratic1 and rehived by @hodlcommunity.

Thanks @leofinance team and @hodlcommunity for sponsoring this event. Special thanks to @vlemon, @idiosyncratic1 and @anomadsoul for their efforts πŸ’ͺ🏼

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Congratulations to the winners!! Woooho! You smashed it partner @tengolotodo and you always will! hahaha. Now...for the new topic...I have to do my homework then because I still do not understand fluff about leo.voter...hehe.

Thanks for participating @deraaa let's go for the next one ☝️

@tengolotodo is killing it as you said πŸ”₯

The enthusiasm of @deraaa for LeoFinance is infectious, hard not to make anyone be on πŸ”₯

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I will tell you about leo.voter I did long time ago but you didnt give a fluff hehe
Now that you do you will remember it..
Thank you partner, it was a fun one to write and I loved reading yours as usual:)

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Thanks for the mention and congratulations to the winners

thanks for your efforts @henrietta27 , great to have you there ^^

Thanks Henrietta and look forward to seeing you in week 5...

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Congratulations to the winner. I guess I wasn't aware of the last edition so this next one I will surely participate

Waiting for it πŸ˜‰

Well now you know about week 5 for next week, looking forward to reading your entry:)

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Good job

Thanks and I hope that you join in with week5 ...

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Superb contest as usual guys. Many thanks for the LEO and picking my entry as one of the winners.

LEOGlossary is a great addition from TM to help the community.

Anything that we can do to get more users to come to LeoFinance and use our products is great with me.

So a big thank you to the event sponsors @leofinance team and @hodlcommunity

Congratulations to everyone who participated
@ifarmgirl-leo @mrenglish @b0s @henrietta27 and my wonderful partner @deraaa ... We are all winners :)

Cheers to @vlemon and @anomadsoul for their efforts in helping but a special big round of applause to @idiosyncratic1 for all he does to help πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼

Don't forget that next week it is all about @leo.voter

Now I am sure you already help/delegate to Leo.Voter... If not hmmm why not, I bet you will very soon!

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congrats Tengo, your entry was awesome . Im sure your next week's entry will be just as superb

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aww thank you b0s, ah well next weeks topic is a good one, and will be fun reading what people think of leo.voter

Thank you lots for this amazing initiative and making our LEO journey a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Congrats guys! We are all winners because we are learning through all these. Let's prep for the next one! All the best!

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thanks a lot for the mention and the Pob , looking forward to the next one. hopefully i get a top 3 mention then

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