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@HODLCommunity presents to you the 59th LeoFinance Curation Post

We feel very excited as we think we will address one of the most important issues on the platform: Curation.

We truly hope, big stakeholders will support this initiative in order to spread rewards to some amazing writers.

Our goal is to support content creators and generate qualitative interactions between LeoFinance users.

We will set a 5% beneficiary for every author selected in this curation report.

So Lions 🐯, let's roll !


16.5 Hive worth of 2nd layer token rewards from posts in the past 7 days - Why using the right tags matter by @threesteps


I think at this point I am hitting critical mass on this topic. It's something I am passionate about since tag choice influences payout and earnings.

Over the past couple of weeks, as the #ctpcontent challenge continued on I spent time studying post tag selection to reward ratio.
In this example, I am using:

I chose Post Rewards, then option 2 to show All pending posts, entered my username and ran the report. Then at the bottom is a wonderful summary showing the converted value of the second layer tokens these posts earned.

Hive Layer 2 tribe tokens can be as profitable as Layer 1 if the tags are properly used. Thanks to specific hashtags used on the posts, you can easily reach more people in Hive ecosystem without extra burden. However, though hashtags enable Layer 2 earning options, people should be a bit more watchful over the case of manipulation. Otherwise, general hashtags and tokens are for everyone. Have fun while earning on Hive ^^

Note: You can check your Layer 2 earnings by using


Why Visa purchased NFT? 🤔🙄 by @vikbuddy


The reason why the visa to purchase NFT is due to the evaluation of the technical part of the NFT and the trustworthy tools in terms of contact with customers. The details related to these NFTs are described in detail and persuasively in their WHITEPAPER.

In a white paper published on August 23, NFT is referred to as a fairly important innovation in corona pandemic situations. Under Corona, a powerful home residence obligation and implementation have lifestated for sports games and relaying. And music performances and events are also limited. In this situation, NFT is an outlet that fans approach their favorite players and artists through the digital community.

Would Visa use NFTs on the personalized debit cards? If it happens, it may have quite positive affects on both crypto ecosystem and NFT markets. As Visa does not dare to have a collectible NFT without a specific purpose, the main reason why Visa invested in a collectible is still blurt. However, seeing the potential of NFTs and GameFi, it was not easy for the giants to keep themselves away from this growing economy. Personally, I'm waiting for a project from Visa in which the company embraces NFTs by making them real as visuals on cards and platforms.


We are Playermon! Our Introduction to the Hive Community! by @playermon


Hello, Hive community! This is our first post. We want to share details about our game and our plan to work together with Hive. Playermon is a NFT game that will be available in the Polygon Network (formerly Matic), although were are still in an early development phase.

Playermon is a boundless NFT Game where anyone can explore the universe and battle with their favorite Playermons! Players will be able to colonize planets, earn resources, and participate in battles.‌ In-game, you will be able to acquire your Playermons through either breeding or by purchasing eggs.‌

Build a huge Playermon Community in Hive
We have created a community where players can share their Playermon journey. We will post our official updates there, and we will host giveaways and contests for the community. Anyone with a Hive account will be able to post Playermon related content in the community.

Please welcome Playermon, a Play2Earn model game on Matic Layer 2, and the community created on Hive by the team. Like AxieBuzz, Playermon community will be specifically designed for Playermon players to engage with their community while using Hive blockchain facilities.

It will be quite profitable for players to earn both by playing and sharing their experience and ideas with their counterparties. In my opinion, Playermon has a great potential to attract many Pokemon-like game lover ✌ Wish a good luck to the team and happy to welcome a brand new community 😎


Crypto adoption in real economy by @cryptomaster5


Both El Salvador and Twitter have integrated a tool called the Lightning Network into their systems, which allows bitcoin network transactions to have enough speed to work in the real world as a means of payment.

The increase in the use of the Lightning Network is related to the increase of bitcoin transactions of "currency" type and not only for trading or deposit in wallets. Hence their importance to Glassnode.

El Salvador is the leading country in terms of crypto mass-adoption. While it has the repetition of acknowledging Bitcoin as a "money", the country is integrating Lightening Network nodes to host transactions in Bitcoin in El Salvador. Even though the debut of the country has been discussed a lot, the effects of the endeavors are not likely to be negative for the sake of crypto. We are witnessing the history 😄


65% of working Americans are willing to be paid in BTC, ETH, and Dogecoin by @onwugbenuvictor


So a survey was done recently by Skynova who provides invoicing software for small businesses and in order to gauge both interest and experience surrounding the new form of compensation. To know what american think about getting paid their salaries in cryptocurrency and the response was so impressive, which shows you that crypto is gaining more audience and winning more people over.

Also when they were asked which cryptocurrency the would love to be paid in 74.3% voted for Bitcoin, then Ethereum and lastly Dogecoin, I was shocked that Solana wasn't on the list of the top three(3) coin choices, because as of late Solana has so many use cases In real life and was just added to Grayscale's $494M Digital Large Cap Fund, Also flipped XRP again on Market Cap Value.

When you read the details of the post, you will be fascinated with the demand for getting paid in crypto. For the majority of the participants, Bitcoin and Ethereum were the main currencies that they are willing to be paid. In my opinion, the crypto ecosystem could find itself a healthy path to follow without being manipulated. If the answers were HEX, SafeMoon or another overhyped coins, then we would assume that there is still need for some time. After years, we are in the corner of crypto-adopted world IMHO 😎



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