Being Married Or Single As An Entrepreneur

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From the moment we reach a certain age bracket, somewhere between the ages 22 and 35, in my opinion; we start to observe the world better. Since we're adults, we can reason things more clearly, and form our own basis for reality. We start to see people getting married and some of our close friends getting married as well.

Most times, this causes you to feel pressured to go get yourself a partner since everybody else is pairing up and going together with someone else on the journey of life. The urge for companionship gets in, you feel that loneliness and a desire to have a partner that you can call your own, not just a relationship of benefits.

This pressure increases as you're socially stigmatized in most societies. Let's say you're not married and you're 40 years of age, man or woman, people general perceive you as having a kind of problem of a sort. But as an entrepreneur, are you supposed to conform to this pressure or be an independent thinker?

The truth is that marrying or staying single is a matter of choice. Some people do way better when they're alone than when they have a partner. A lot of factors come into play. But in recent times, people are choosing to be single all their lives, this is starting to become a new trend.

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And it comes as no surprise at all, considering how much the rates of divorces have been skyrocketing. People are scared of opening up their lives to another person and risking a fatal breakup in the near future as statistics proves. Sometimes this places people in a very tough spot, especially when they've had kids.

Many entrepreneurs lose their heads when going through a divorce, and this affects every aspect of their lives and their business. And even after the divorce, some people never get back their past glory, as the whole process has hit on their finances, mental balance and sometimes physical balance. Now the question again arises, is getting married worth all the risks? Well only you can decide that for yourself, as an entrepreneur.

But even when you choose to get married or perhaps you're already married; you must remember that the odds or statistics are against you, as most marriages end up in divorce nowadays. There's a saying, if you don't expect so much, you'll never be disappointed. So guard your heart, mind and brain as an entrepreneur. And whatever may happen, you'll be able to keep yourself composed, and still soaring in business. It's a matter of choice; choose whatever makes you happy.

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Life as a couple is not easy, so each person must be honest about that and its limits.
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