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RE: The Winding Path of Splinterlands

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I hear you but I just don't think any of that matters. Like it would be better if we were in a place where crypto was taking off because our ratio of bots to new players would be better. But if the growth machine starts again its going to be supply and demand. Cards will become scarce, income generating assets and that's all that matters.

Even at 200k players if we have full renting and buying, we could see stuff start to head up quickly. End of season ramps rental ramps were probably from under 100k accounts renting just to get to leagues. Not even to play. We get 200k players fully renting it could be end of season type numbers or better every day. We get back to 400k with full renting its going to take up almost every card in the game. That should cause a frenzy which would send the player base up even higher.

But, we have to get these accounts renting/buying. If not its just going to fall apart.



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