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RE: The Rentals Of A Silver League Bot -Splinterlands

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Yeah. Bots are a weird entity in Splinterlands. The nature of a bot is that they will always be an economic drain in the sense that they will always remove more cash from the economy than they bring into it. That used to be the only part I looked at even though at the same time I would say I felt like removing the bots we had already would crash the game.

For this to be true it meant they must hold some other value. It took me a little while to see it but their value is utilizing the assets that are oversupplied in the game which makes all assets in the game more attractive for a myriad of reasons.

The value expansion that comes with asset utilization and real scarcity I think adds more value than the arbitrage amounts they are removing.

It's a delicate balance though and we need to be growing for it to work. If we aren't expanding, they become a drain again like they have been for months. Especially if cards continue to come out.


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