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RE: Is now a good time to buy Hive?

Looks like it should find support at that 50 cent level from the long term trend line. But this is crypto so anything can happen. IMO 2$ in 8 weeks is a more likely outcome than 30 cents; but everyone has an opinion.



$2 in 8 weeks - that would be INSANE!

lol yes it would .

One interesting variable to throw in is that HBD is back up to $1.7 (what dip lol); so the HBD stabilizer fund is going to be buying a fk load of Hive at these prices in the dip and taking them off the exchanges (34k USD worth at $1.7 HBD so that's 68k Hive at day at $0.5) . This has inflation running negative on Hive at the moment. Next Hive pump could be sooner and harder than people think; particularly with the associated airdrop fomo when the 3Speak white paper is released.

Yes I'm waiting for the 3Speak thing, I hope that set back hasn't put them too far behind!