Decided to participate in the staking of Tron with BTC, and I think it was a mistake

in LeoFinance2 years ago

Last night I decided to put my BTC on a page created by Justin Sun, I know this person is very frowned upon from previous steemit users, but unfortunately I had no other option. This happens because I needed my BTC to buy through the internet and Tronlink did not accept the sending addresses that I put in, apparently it only accepts sent to Tron wallets or Tron's own Dapps.

This page (, offers liquidity of its crypto in a% APY for lending its cryptos, just like a liquidity pool.

For my part, I decided to enter with all the btc that I currently had, which was about 0.002 btc, about 120 dollars. For my current economic situation it is a lot of money although I need to generate more and not have it saved without generating profits in a Tronlink wallet.

So far only a day has passed and the truth is I don't know how profitable what I did, I don't have a tendency to lose much because it lets me withdraw half of my investment in btc at the end of the period, apparently the payments They will be weekly for a total of 24 weeks, 6 months.

As I know that in this community there are more expert people with a lot of knowledge on these issues, I kindly ask you for some advice for a future investment or on the same one that I just made, Greetings


Why did you do this and not e.g. use the Cub Defi BTC staking? Much less risk IMHO.
There are tons of posts about how to use Cub Defi.

I would love to have done that, but I can't create a binance account, I always had problems with the verification code, the email or text message never reached my cell phone. therefore I could never buy BNB to enter the liquidity pool, unfortunately I was left out of that opportunity.

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