Rising Star Giveaway #71: R222 Rod Rare Musician NFT (ends 9/3)

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Here is my weekly status and giveaway. I worked harder to play more missions but it doesn't look like my rank is improving much. So I think the drop in starbits price has also led to some people investing in their own deck. I will just try to get my time up more next week to improve my own time played.


Let's go with a musician this week.
The giveaway item is an R222 Rod and it has 150 fans, 125 skill, 4 luck, and 3 income modifier. All musicians help quite a bit and it will help the people start unlocking more missions.


In order to participate:

  • Leave a comment
  • Include your username in your comment

This time if you do not leave your username, I will not include you in the draw. I want to reward the people who follow the rules.

Results of Last Giveaway

The winner is @stamato. I didn't use the wheel this week as I still have some chores to do and I didn't post my giveaway outside of Hive lately.
Thank you to the rest of the valid participants that did not win but might be interested in the next giveaway: Other participants: @tengolotodo, @davidxxl, @rentaw03, @elduderino420a, @henruc, @rtonline, @blitzzzz, @dubble, @coquicoin, @yeckingo1, @nietokilll, @steemmillionaire, @qoogohome, @ricardoeloy, @middle-earthling, @rayius, @amaillo, @alex2alex, @davideownzall, @lologom, @vaynard86, @mypathtofire, @hoosie, @servelle, @thaddeusprime, @listik303, @shortsegments, @amigareaction, @sieghard1990, @nozzy, @flquin, @mauriciolimax, @jdike, @joseal2020, @captainquack22, @ericburgoyne, @new.things, @misterabaddon

Current Status

It's the first time I earned around 200k starbits in a long while because of either the seasonal mission or me not doing missions as often. I hope to get more starbits next week and I did not get anything notable from my pack openings. My next pack opening will wait until the new cards come out though.

Current Stats

I got my stats and estimated collection value using the discord bot. I also saw a nice little bot to see my current collection value in Rising Star.

Current Ranking

My ranking is up from last week but I was unable get back above rank 75. It's going to be tough and as I stated before, I think there are people investing into their collection now that starbit price have dropped down.

If you want to join Rising star, feel free to use my referral link.

Tips (source)

I think the tips are something every new player should know about. It will help people progress in the game and it hasn't really been shared since surya1adiga stopped his giveaways.

  1. Take music lessons when possible to raise skill and reduce ego.
  2. Having lesson specific instruments helps in receiving more skill from that lesson.
  3. Have pizza box to store any pizza received during mission to reuse later.
  4. Buy cold pizza slice if possible. This gives 1 refill every 24hours. Comes very handy when you are low on energy.
  5. If you have enough of cold pizza slice and pizza box, you will never run out of energy.
  6. If you have more fans than skill and you won't reduce the ego , you can use a storage trailer to store unnecessary cards. Or you can list the card in market for an unreasonably high price.
  7. Ego received for a particular mission increases every time you play it. The ego is reset to base level the next day. So, try to play different missions to control the ego gained.
  8. Keep track of your achievements to unlock in game rewards
  9. Buy storage trailer (only if necessary) to keep the cards that might have a negative effect. Like a card with high fan count resulting in ego.
  10. When earning skill points through music lessons, you can earn more points per lesson if you hold more of specific instrument cards. There seems to be base skill which is rewarded irrespective of the card count and then the skill increases depending on the number of the lesson specific card one has.
  11. Try taking up many smaller missions to fill up pizza boxes and have extra energy to play more rewarding missions. But you need to have pizza boxes for this to work.

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