EVD airdrop is live.

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The latest airdrop to come to EVMOS holders is available to claim. Currently over two thirds of the eligible wallets have already claimed this relatively small drop. Here is the claim site to check if you have qualified.

The main requirements were to have minted an Evmos Domain name, and/or have staked EVMOS. There are some others, and time variables favoring those that minted their domains early in their launch.

evmos domains image.png

Source: EVMOS Domains website

So what is Evmos Domains?

It is a very straightforward little project. It is a domain naming service, selling domains as NFT's. So, very similar to those xyz.eth names you see for Ethereum, this is the service for EVMOS. Basically, it lets you get a human readable name for your wallet - revolutionary I know. (this has been the default, and free on HIVE from day 1).

Anyway, with EVM chains, your wallet is a big long combo of numbers and letters, and Evmos Domains fixes that.

For Example, on the Orbital Apes website (the first major NFT marketplace on EVMOS), once you have a Evmos domain name set for your account, this appears as your wallet identifier, instead of your 0x123... address.

OA marketplace.png

Source: Orbit Market

As you can see, in the top left corner is my domain - jk6276.evmos.

Now, obviously with these domains being NFT's, and tradeable, they are available as a secondary market on the Orbit marketplace

domains market stats.png

Prices are cheap on the secondary market, except for some names that were sniped early on. Many people minted numerous names leading up to the airdrop, failing to note in the details of the drop that early minters would be heavily favored over late minters.

So what is the drop worth?

Around a month ago, @gungunkrishu shared this post when the drop was announced.

Like I said, it is a small project, with a total supply for the $EVD token of 10 million.

Many many people qualified for just around 4 EVD, with a current trading price of around $0.08 each, meaning their airdrop is worth just cents.

Those that minted early fared better. My drop, for example, was around 360 tokens (worth roughly $30). With a FDV under a million $$$, it will be interesting to see what happens. There are two more rounds of airdrops to come, so if you only got a small amount first up, maybe the next rounds will be better for you.

And, what can you do with it?

Not a lot, at this stage. Trading EVD is possible, on the Diffusion dex. You will have to add the token contract to your Metamask, and on diffusion itself. Here is the contract: 0x47685b6ac7bb4de761a57828877a7b8254c8b145

So it is tradeable. You can also add it to and EVD/EVMOS LP position on Diffusion. There are currently no farming rewards, but these are planned to start, hopefully this week.

The team has also mentioned in their discord server that staking will commence soon.

For now, trading is live, LPing is live (without rewards yet) and staking/governance are coming SoonTM

price chart evd.png

Source: Dexscreener

What am I doing?

Like I said, I claimed around 360 EVD.

I am slowly dripping it into the EVD/EVMOS LP, matching it each day with my EVMOS staking rewards for now. My plan is to slowly build a position in this LP, and have some to stake when that goes live. We are talking small dollar amounts, but building a position in the early days may pay off in time.

If the project gains traction and attention, the price could boom. It is very low marketcap, and with only 10 million max supply, anything could happen. It is a simple little project, but building a pool position and stake over time could be an interesting little play. If it pops, the LP position will gain lots of EVMOS, which I am good with.

My portfolio has very little funds on EVMOS, aside from the EVMOS stake itself. It is time to build that, and get more involved in the eco-system. EVMOS rewards are coming soon to Diffusion, which has suffered from a lack of liquidity, and took a major hit from the Bridge hack that occurred a little while ago.

Airdrops, and EVMOS rewards are likely to be the catalyst for a turnaround in the EVMOS DeFi scene. It has been hard for DeFi projects like Diffusion to compete with the still insane staking return on EVMOS. But that could change as a significant fund is now available, from the unclaimed EVMOS airdrop, to incentivize DeFi projects to build TVL and growth.

EVD is a small first step for me towards building positions on EVMOS.

Thanks for reading, feel free to check out some of my recent content while you are here:

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I have around 100 Evmos staked yet haven't got any claimable EVD.
Dont know why?

Not sure, probably related to timing of snapshot. I can tell you that Evmos staked only received a very small airdrop - around 4 EVD from what I can see worth $0.20 - $0.30 total. Bigger drops are for domain buyers (especially early buyers) and if you own an Orbital Ape NFT.

With just staked EVMOS, you have not missed out on much at all tbh.

They are running a second and third drop, with details to be announced.

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First time hearing about domain names as NFTs. I am already imagining what would happen if all domains names are NFTs. There would be no more monthly or yearly fees for domain name owner. Maybe at the expense of a more expensive purchase price - depending if the domain name has a good reputation. There is also the possibility of renting it out. 😊


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Yeah, the NFT thing is interesting. I'm not real sure how it works, as the names still require registration for a certain period, and renewal. If they are not renewed, after a period the name becomes available again, so I don't understand how that works as an NFT.

Maybe the NFT's are time stamped, and have an expiry date? Not sure tbh how it works.

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Hmmm.... I thought NFT means true ownership. No expiries for the owner. I wanna buy and test a domain and check how it works but I don't have the extra resources to purchase. 😊

I felt bad for missing this one but now that I see the worth of it I don't really mind lol

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Yeah, it's definitely a small one. I got a lot more than most, and my drop was worth just $30.

I'm sticking around with it, just because the total supply is only 10 mill, so if they become popular, it's feasible for a nice price gain in time.

At current price, the fully diluted value of the project is well under a million $$. I'm going to hang in there with this one and see what happens.

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I wish more people knew about the fact that each HIVE account ships with a username included. What we need to add is the ability to connect a website in the form of xyz.hive

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The Hive wallet addresses as a username by default is such an underrated feature.

An email service or something would be cool - e.g. (username) @ Hive.crypto

Anyway, just another example of stuff costing money in most parts of crypto that we get here on hive for free. 😀

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This is why we need a good marketing campaign to make sure people know about how great things are on HIVE.


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