Just made my biggest ever HIVE deal.

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I just invested 3000 HIVE in my largest ever Hive transaction.

A couple of days ago, @themarkymark made a post looking for a buyer for his DCity. I made contact and agreement was made a couple of hours ago. The deal was done for 3,000 HIVE.

Source - Dcity discord

The combination of cities will give a significant boost to my daily Hive income. Of course to maintain the income, I'll have to steadily reinvest to accumulate more cards and keep my city growing. Combining the cities had an interesting effect. Both cities were fairly optimised with a high popularity metric. Combining the two has meant the population increased significantly more than the sum of the two parts.

markys city before.png

my city before.png

As you can see from the above, you would think at first glance that combining the two would result in a population of 9456 (5748+3708). In reality, however, the new city has a population much larger:


Due to the popularity multiplier effect in the game - the gain in population was much greater, and should place my new city around the edge of the top 50.

It looks like the merger will add around 20 HIVE per day (combined Hive and SIM) in income. This means that if that income level can be maintained without further investment (probably unlikely) the purchase will pay for itself in 150 Days. However, the new city has an unemployment problem, and if I work to fix that over the coming weeks (more employment cards/businesses) the ROI could work out very different.

The other point to make is about the beauty of HIVE's Resource credit system. 850 NFT's and 3,000 HIVE transfered in seconds, without a single 0.001 even in fees. Hive's layer 2 options have so much untapped potential compared to Ethereum with its outrageous GAS fees.

I just want to thank @themarkymark for the deal. He was extremely approachable for someone he had probably never crossed paths with before, and the trade was done in good faith with no hassle at all.

Have a great day everyone,


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You are catching up to me now👍

🤑 Now gotta digest the merger, and work on optimising. I'll be happy to maintain top 50 for a while.

Yes optimization is key to good returns.

You are on the edge of top50! ;)

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With some work to do to optimise. Looking forward to the next rewards and rankings overnight (for me)

Hehe! SIM is on discount.... so, rebuying poses a great opportunity to raise some profit!

What rank did you end up on after this purchase? :D

Landed exactly in 50th place. Now to steadily reinvest income to balance the city out.

Nice :D and ye!