How to Earn More With Splinterlands

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The TCG, Splinterlands, is getting quite popular lately. With a small investment ($12) the player will have access to a big number of features besides the main one. Is normal for new users to ignore most of those features, and it’s because they are new in the blockchain technology or they come from another network.

With this simple guide, I expect to give a bigger vision of the picture and how to earn more with Splinterlands and the Hive chain.

Rent Your Cards

So, you have been playing for a month or so and you own a few cards. Do you know you can rent your Splinterlands cards and get DEC (Dark Energy Crystal) every day?

One of the best features of the Hive network is delegation. You can delegate NFT or tokens to any user in Hive. As result, it’s possible to rent your Splinterlands cards to earn passive income without the risk of losing your cards.

Other players are willing to rent cards to try new team compositions, try that card in particular, or any other reasons. Now, it’s your chance to fill that gap.

Go to Peakmonsters to rent your cards.

Add Liquidity

Adding liquidity in a pool could yield amazing returns, but at the cost of risk. Splinterlands as many other projects has two tokens, SPS and DEC. You will find LPs for each one in the Hive blockchain or Binance Smart Chain.

Some liquidity pools are eligible for the current SPS airdrop. For example, the DEC-BUSD liquidity pool in CubFinance. If you have your BSC wallet linked to your Splinterlands account, you will receive SPS from airdrop depending on your position or the value of the pool.

You won’t only get SPS from airdrop but also DEC and BUSD from the trading pair, as well as CUB tokens. Triple rewards!

Claim and Stake SPS token

Did I mention airdrop? Right now, everybody is getting free SPS tokens from the current airdrop campaign. Depending on your assets owned, you will receive a portion of the total SPS shared every day.

After claiming your daily SPS, remember to stake your tokens on the same page. Staking SPS will yield more SPS, at the current APR of 180%, it sounds good. Take a look at the SPS management page.

The more you play the more you earn, and remember to link all your wallets with your account to get the most!

Write in Hive

If you don’t know what is Hive Blog yet then I have good news for you. Hive is a social network divided into communities, think like a mix between Medium and Reddit but healthier discussions and true freedom of speech. And let me mention one more feature, you can earn HIVE, HBD, and community tokens for you high-quality posts you write in it.

Don’t be shy and share your experiences, battles, tips with other users, or write about any other topic related to the game. The best community to do so is Splintertalks. Take a look to see what people write about and get some inspiration.

As you have seen, the game is much more than a game. You can create synergies between the game, DeFi platforms, and Hive network to earn more.

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