How To Effectively Vote Yourself

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There is a never-ending discussion about self voting on Hive and Leofinance. Currently, the system allows you to upvote yourself on all your posts or comments.

I did this myself when I was a noob because who doesn't want more rewards? Some time ago I stopped voting myself as I understand more about the importance of the community.

Some users don't care about self voting but others could see it as something negative. You could run into an issue among veterans if doing this repeatedly, they can ignore your posts, which is bad and sad.

But don't worry, I have the definitive solution to the problem! You will vote yourself while not being in shame. Also, with this guide, you will get even more rewards by the face! Keep reading.

1. Delegate Your Tokens

The first step is to delegate all your HIVE to @leo.voter (but leave something to not run out of RC) and all your LEO to @amr008.leo. I use peakd's frontend because is amazing at doing this, try

Also, only by delegating to @leo.voter you will receive a nice 16% APR in LEO, DAILY! I'm currently receiving more than 1 LEO, with any effort.

According to the latest @amr008 report, the delegation of your LEO tokens to @amr008.leo will yield 24.15% APR in return, that's amazing!

Keep delegating all your tokens every day to turn your APR into APY, which means you get more rewards!

2. Write a Good Quality Post Every Day

I don't have the magic key to the best quality post in the world, but you should write about something interesting or helpful. The general rule is your post must be well written, clear, and not boring.

In my experience, what works best are guides, information about new resources, your experience on LeoFinance or CubFinance, and mature content (no, I don't mean +18 lol).

Again, in my experience, what works worse are... games! Nothing related about games, even if is promoted. Try to go to the home page and try to find something related to games.

Oh! Also, the LeoFinance community likes to engage, so if you can focus your post on generating engagement, even better. I'm still trying to figure out how to do this better.

3. Wait For the Upvotes

OK, you've written the best post of your life and at this point, you are questioning how to upvote yourself. Even is possible you are a little bit angry because your voting reward is 0 now, so sad.

Remember your delegation from before? If your post is good enough and you've prayed hard then @leo.voter and @amr008 will stop by on your post and vote for it. Even other people will upvote your post, that's crazy!

Because you have delegated all your HIVE and LEO tokens to them that means they have your voting reward now, so when they vote your post, is like voting yourself.

Congratulations! You just voted yourself and nobody can't argue with you now! And better, this doesn't leave any record on the blockchain, so you will be immune to any data mining and your voting count will be ZERO!

Do this every day and you will be swimming between whales in no time, enjoy self voting!

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These are a really sound suggestions how to get rewarded. Delegating to Leo.voter also lets me get around 1 LEO daily which is really cool IMO. I don't have much Leo to delegate to amr008 right now but I should start working my way around that. Posting on Leo isn't much of my niche if you can call it that, but I try from time to time. Notheless I'm happy to grow my LEO stake slowly.

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Keep powering up your LEO and let compound work for you :)

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Lol, it's not really self voting... You will only receive votes from these accounts if you're worthy of them, else that, no votes!

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Yep, that’s the saddest part. I’m still waiting for my selfvotes!

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👏 well done, I was wondering what angle you would come from.. If you're not curating much then delegating to curators is always an options and yeah some of that might come back to you.

Gaming posts aren't totally lost on LeoFinance!


I was able to earn some votes this week from a blockchain gaming post but I think it depends how you approach it. The game I talked about uses BSC which is a chain that's a hot topic these days, that and the game involves, or plans to involve elements of DeFi which keeps the game and post somewhat relevant to Finance 😊

But overall you've pointed out some great tips for newer users!

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That only demonstrates you are better than me writing about games.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

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The writeup is an interesting one and intelligent too...

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great, I dont know about self voting! All the top politicians do it.....we say have fun!
have fun.gif

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I always vote for myself in elections, just write your name on the paper :P

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Good plan, I will do that from now on.....
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These are great ways improve your rewards around here. The amr008 program is really a great way to let your delegation work for you. He's really doing a great job

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He's fantastic, I delegated all my POB to him recently.

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Yeah. He sure. Also delegated majority of mine. wouldn't want to miss out on those sweet Apr returns

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Yes I know this strategy. I did this for long time... ^_^

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I ruined your plan lol.

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Thanks for this article. I understood some mechanisms much better. Especially the part with delegation was completely new to me.

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You won't go to bed before learning something new!

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