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RE: What is HBD? AKA: currently free money! (AAKA: Don't be the bagholder....)

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Never sat and gone through HBD thoroughly, this opened my eyes that I most probably have looked at a thousand times. Sometimes setting it out differently with "new eyes" assists, which you have done, thanks @bengy

@tipu curate


Glad to have helped out. Of course, there is a bit more complexity to it, as the concept of 1 USD of HIVE varies depending on if you are denominating in USD or HIVE or something else!

Thanks for the curation and support!

Have been, and will be reading more into this once I have some spare time.

At the end of the day each crypto should have a project you support with return going into future.

Thanks for concise reasoning, it covered some bases I had been meaning to get to look into.

Happy Easter to you and your family.