HIVE, Steem, Akoin price check

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When will HIVE moon? I guess it will moon when it moons. Being very immobile and comfortably seating at $0.12 currently. For a token and blockchain chain with so much use case, being undervalued simply sucks. So HIVE will moon when it moons!


For interest sake a look at Steem isn't of any significant better compare to HIVE, just a $0.03 difference as Steem trades at $0.15 currently.


Akoin after the listing on Bittrex last week, the coin seems stable $0.14, noot looking like a pump and dump coin which is good. I have interest on this coin as I keep checking on it's performance.


We owe it to ourselves to make Hive great

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Yeah, when moon? We're all waiting too long ...

Way too long you know

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Akoin actually reached out to me last week to do some work for them lol

Are you serious 😀?

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Yes they were looking for local partners to do some marketing and outreach

You should include me if they need someone from Johannesburg 😀

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