Key Takeaways From the Bitcoin Conference

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Arguably the most exciting time of the year for Bitcoiners, the yearly Bitcoin Conference, has officially come to a close. A yearly gathering for Bitcoiners has transformed into the biggest event of the year, where some of the biggest announcements are given. Only two years ago this was the event venue where El Salvador officially announced that they would be making Bitcoin Legal Tender in their country.

Ever since then expectations for what would be announced at the conference have risen to impossible levels, which can often lead people to become disappointed. After the conclusion of the 2023 Bitcoin Conference, the general consensus is that it was a dud, where nothing major was announced. That it was largely forgettable. However, upon digging deeper into the conference there are some key takeaways that you should know. That will change how you feel about the conference.

Bitcoin Isn’t Going Anywhere

The first key takeaway that you should have after watching the Bitcoin Conference is that BTC isn’t going anywhere. When the conference took place we were deep in the bear market, and coming fresh off being the new enemy of the US government. The Bitcoin market is still trying to heal after 2022, possibly the worst year in its history. Last year we had to deal with the UST/Luna de-pegging, constant insolvencies, the US government raising interest rates at an unprecedented rate, the Russia/Ukraine war, and also the FTX fraud which caused several years' worth of damage to Bitcoin’s image.

With all of those things happening, Bitcoin’s price still being far below its all-time high of $69k. It is amazing to see that thousands of people attended the conference and also watched online. This should show you that Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere. It is surviving, becoming stronger, and biding its time until times become more bullish.

Bitcoin is Evolving & Beginning to Change

A year or two ago it would have been unfathomable to imagine a scenario where NFTs and tokens were being discussed on the Bitcoin Conference’s main stage. However, that exact thing happened this year.

Perhaps the biggest point of interest and debate surrounding Bitcoin this year has been Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens. While many Bitcoin maxis are adamant in their hate for these things being built on the main chain and clogging up transactions. There is no denying that these maxis are beginning to be pushed to the side and their voice is becoming more quiet.

Development, innovation, and general interest in Bitcoin are returning and that alone should make you very excited about what could be possible with Bitcoin in the future.

**The Future Looks Bright **

Finally, the last takeaway that you should have from the Bitcoin conference is that Bitcoin has a very bright future ahead of it. Currently, in the US, President Biden and powerful politicians like Senator Warren may be strongly against Bitcoin. But the new crop of politicians are not only a fan of Bitcoin but are using it as part of their campaign.

This year there were two presidential candidates who spoke at the conference, most notably Robert F Kennedy Jr. He understands how important it is, how it aligns with freedom values, and how it could improve the world. While the current US administration doesn’t seem to get it. Eventually, they will get pushed out, and people who understand Bitcoin will be elected. This is the way the world is heading, and it is inevitable.

While there weren’t any major announcements given at the Bitcoin Conference this year, there were a lot of smaller things talked about that should make you confident in the direction Bitcoin is heading. It is changing, and the world’s opinion of it is changing as well. Bullish days are ahead.

How about you? What did you think of the Bitcoin Conference this year?

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