Google Finance now lists Bitcoin ahead of other national currencies!

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That was fast!

It sure didn't take long for Bitcoin to take its place at the head of the line!

If you go to google finance and click on the currencies tab, you will see a list of some of the world's most popular and widely used national currencies.

The list previous started with USD/EUR pairs and USD/JPY pairs.

However, now there is a new player at the front of the line.

The first currency listed is now BTC/USD.




I didn't think it would happen this quickly, but bitcoin has officially arrived and is starting to penetrate into the mainstream way of life.

The floor is now $11k and we are setting up for the next moon cycle!

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Yeah, it's certainly amazing how much Bitcoin is just creeping along right now and just hitting milestones by the day without a whole lot of mass attention

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It looks like the Google bot may be malfunctioning;)

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Google bot? What do you mean?