People keep trying to trade Bitcoin, you don't trade Bitcoin, you HODL it

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Bitcoin has been in a bull market since 2009 if you just held it

Forget trying to time every little dip and rip and just hold the dang thang.

Or should I say HODL it.

I see all sorts of comments and news articles about dips and bear markets and tops etc etc etc, but in reality if you zoom out on bitcoin you see the picture much more clearly.

The way I see it, bitcoin has been in a bull market ever since it was created.

Change my mind:



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Conversely one could also say the dollar has been in a bear market ever since 2009, which is probably also true.

The point remains either way.

Bitcoin continues to go higher over time, if you try and trade it you are likely going to make mistakes and miss out.

You just sock it away and when it's time to retire, you do your thing.

Until then, stop trying to trade every little move, you will pay fees that add up and most likely end up with less bitcoin than you started with.

As long as the dollar is in a bear market, bitcoin will probably continue to be in a bull market.

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Hodl and don't lose your keys.

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Oh yes, good advice. I don't want to lose $200 million a few years from now.

HOLD has to be a mantra.

That's it.

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Trading it will leave with less than you started with. I know from experience.