What defines Market Manipulation?

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Market Manipulation sounds like it's very subjective to me

What if I told you there was a giant fund out there, one that was well respected in the investment community, one with billions of dollars wanting to buy into an asset.

And lets say they first had to file special paperwork with a regulator in order to gain approval to buy said asset.

But, while they are waiting to hear back from said regulator the asset they were wanting to buy takes off, I mean absolutely flies.

More than doubling from where they were filing their paperwork to buy.

So, what does this fund do now?

They go out and they start talking bad about the asset they wanted, they start telling people it's a good time to sell it, all the while they are still waiting on approval to buy that asset.

I'm not sure about you, but that sounds an awful lot like market manipulation.

They are pretty much trying to talk the price of an asset down so they can buy it at cheaper levels.

What's worse, this isn't a hypothetical situation, it's happening right now with bitcoin.



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Guggenheim is still waiting approval to buy GBTC and they went out yesterday and started telling people it's overbought and they should sell it, even after it dropped to $30k.

Does that sound like market manipulation to anyone else?

What they say matters to people as they are a well respected investment company.

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They are shaking the tree from weak hands. Well us strong holders aren’t selling. :)

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Wow interesting discovery, I guess its a tactic that works for gullible people, and apparently a lot of the market is.

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I saw this on twitter today. This types of large investors have been doing this for years. Too bad dumb money are listening to them.

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