The Rise Of The Second Layer Tokens: Why Does People's Behaviour To A Project Matters For Its Growth?

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People are drawn to value, value for money, value for effort, value for investment value for time and so on. This is because everyone aims for profitability in every venture they undertake and this isn't different with crypto, and further down to crypto projects like Leofinance. People have a way they react to growth. When people see a project growing and developing, they check the price, it's worth in the market so as to place a final assertion of whether to buy in or not.

Irrespective of the fact this practice is flawed. That's how people react to prices, growth, the massive gains and development. When it comes to cryptocurrency, people are often holding different opinion, different practices, different goals.

Different aims, different mentality and different ambitions and this are what really differentiates people. In crypto people buy into the hype, but into the gains and buys into the instant rewards and only a few people are futuristic. This is because greed will always be a factor whenever people relate to crypto either in buying, hodling, trading or selling.

No one wants to sell too low, or wait too late to sell at the topmost level. If you look at projects like Leofinance, it targets growth, an amazing user's experience and easier adoptability. This is because people react to these things. Ease can make someone chose a project or maybe not.

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The promise of a good return makes people hold their coin rather than selling it. What differentiates between a shit project and coin and a project & coin with value is that in the case of the former people want to milk, sell and repeat but in the later people want to earn, buy and keep. People's actions or behaviour towards a project is what determines the long-term success or longevity of that project.

This is why the reaction and practices of people, their economic mindset sometimes makes a difference. In the case of Leo, people want to buy because prices are good, return on investment is good, the promise of airdrops is imminent the wleo pool is active and the opportunities to be an earner keeps increasing.

The whole feel to a project makes people change their mindset gradually, a lot of people do not believe that second layer projects and token can do well up until Leo began to do well. This is also the same with real-time ventures. This proves that with the right prospects and plans any project can do well.

There's no limit to what crypto projects will do and in the future we will see the buzz around bitcoin reduce because massive projects with utility and use cases will surface, how will this be possible? This will require brilliant minds with the brains to create a captivating experience, which people can relate to tokenize it and create the best of utility and when people begin to see value and a prospect they will naturally buy into it with the right marketing.

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The reasons why projects fail is because they fail to create a need for their token, their project and create value behind their agendas and plans going forward. The feel to a project will determine the reactions of people towards it, it's not about a project having the right marketcap neither is it about doing 10,000% in a space of two weeks.

In reality the incessant increase of a coin might make people see the project behind it as a milking ground and that's why projects that does pump and dump hardly makes it very far. The only way to convince people that are new in the crypto space is to assure them of longevity, a kind of growth of any sort and they'll react positively. People needs to feel safe and that's why aiming at satisfying prospective user's intent is great. Leo leads the charge, others will eventually follow.

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