wLEO is now listed on CoinGecko!

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Well that didn't take long!

The newly created wLEO token is now listed on CoinGecko.

Check it out:


(Source: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/wrapped-leo#markets)

While it may have been difficult at first to get people to learn about wLEO beyond word of mouth, this just changed the game.

Now, anyone browsing CoinGecko could stumble upon our project.

And their only option to get involved is to buy it through Uniswap (at least according to CoinGecko), which is where many of us are providing liquidity and collecting a portion of the trading fees.

Not too shabby!

It looks like CoinGecko is doing its best to make sure people don't get confused between wLEO and the other LEO project that is a top 50 coin on CM.


(Source: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/wrapped-leo)

Which is probably a good thing in the long run, though it would have been nice to see a flood of capital get thrown at the project thinking it was the wrapped version of the other LEO. :)

Either way, this is big news for wLEO and I suspect it's going to be great news for the trading volume on Uniswap which had been pretty minuscule thus far.

As I type it's up near $40k within the last 24 hours.

Again, not too shabby!

Stay informed my friends.


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Leo to the moon and to the world😍

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There's also been listing on Coinpaprika and one other one. Wleo has seen a little pump as well

Yea but those don't show up on CoinGecko currently. Anyone finding it via CoinGecko would only see Uniswap as a trading option.

Oh well. Baby steps right? !ENGAGE 20

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The other LEO coin...WTF..It does nothing. All time high of $1.97? That is some pink sheets trading. There is only one lion.

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What one are you talking about?

This one has an all time high of $2.03 and it's worth $1.2 billion currently.


Oops. I was talking about Leocoin LC4..:)

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I would suggest renaming "Wrapped LEO" to "LEO Finance" to not confuse the token with the "LEO Token".


Guau fews day and Leo are grown a lot, this are fantastic news for us it is the time to hold on to wait for better times.

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To think that Leo had surpassed Hive is truly amazing @jrcornel :D

It has in terms of price, but in terms of market cap. LEO could trade for $10 and still be worth less than HIVE...

That is a bit confusing, having another lEO. Let's hope the confusion works in our favour. It is super to see this Hive token do so well and I hope it will inspire other Hive Engine token Devs to think outside the box.

That was the hope, though it looks like they are trying to make sure people know which token is which.

Thanks for the explicit insight and update

CoinGecko and CoinPaprika don't require much for coin or token to be listed... They basically add API hooks bit by bit instead of trying to get everything working at the same time...

Do you own any LEO?

I used to own LEO, but I have already sold everything...