SafeMoon: What Happened So Far

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17 days ago, I was reading some posts on hive. One of the posts paid my attention which talks about an exchange development by Safemoon. I read that post, browsed the entire website of the project to see if it really deserves all this hype. Well, I am still not sure about that until now due to non-real solution has implemented yet. However, the coin reached new milestones. Before going into latest news about it, I suggest you to read this post by @crypto-fanatic to briefly understand what it is about.

What happened so far?

ATH (All Time High):

According to CMC (CoinMarketCap), SafeMoon reached a new ATH 9 days ago or on April 20, 2021 which was $0.000014. As a witness of all the previous events, this ATH due to intensive buying processes which which took down Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Trust Wallet, and Binance exchange. Regarding Binance exchange (, they stopped the withdrawal of BNB several times due to high traffic. So, the people who bought bunch of it at the beginning made capital gains when it reached its peak.

SafeMoon Exchange

Finally!! The requested amount of funds has been donated by the community. Now, we should see the SafeMoon exchange soon, but when? No one knows (I might be wrong). We are expecting an announcement regarding that.

Exchanges listing

It is listed on:

  • PancakeSwap
  • WhiteBIT
  • BitMart
  • MXC
  • Hotbit
  • (Soon)

Also, while I am writing this post, they posted a new tweet on twitter:

Drop a comment if I missed an exchange.

Burned Tokens and Holders

According to BSCscan, 411T (41%) tokens has been burned from 1 quadrillion tokens, and 1.4m holders (addresses) hold SafeMoon tokens.


They have a solid base of audience

Is it too late to buy?

Logically, No because it is cheap. Comparing it to other Shitcoins, No. it is right time to buy and HODL some of it.

Final Thoughts

This project is too risky so far comparing it to other known coins. However, if you are willing to afford losing some money, throwing small amount in it won’t be a problem. Pumps are coming soon within the next 2 months (According to annual cycle that provided by @edicted):


So, take the advantage of this opportunity (if you see it as opportunity like me). If it pumps, you got wealth from nothing. Checkout and follow the instructions to buy some tokens either via Trust Wallet or MetaMask. We all would like to land safely on the moon LOL! Again, this is not a financial advice. It is all up to you. Doing your research is recommended before investing in this project or any new project. Let me know if you need help with something.


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