KATAMI and Kalavian Tales Playtesting

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Hi everyone,

The time has come for a first KATAMI post on Leofinance. I've been writing and developing silently over the past weeks (see a range of non-Leofinance posts here), and Kalavian Tales is now approaching the stage where (offline!) playtesting is starting to become useful.

Now Kalavian Tales has a native KATAMI token, which is available on Hive Engine and which has a simple white paper.

The Lady of Coins, a possible future card.

KATAMI can be earned by contributing to Kalavian Tales, at a rate of roughly one token per invested minute. So far I've only given myself a limited stash from the pool, to "reward" work done on the project so far (actually I spent way more minutes on it then I retrieved KATAMI, just to constrain inflation). The token can also be spent, by paying for creative directive input on the game (I will work out the details of this once they become relevant).

The Question

Now however, I'm reaching a new stage of the project. I'm pretty close to being able to create an alpha game version which can be playtested. And my question is: how shall I reward that playtesting?

I am currently thinking of the following possibilities:

  1. Reward KATAMI tokens for each playtesting report, varying the amount a bit on the depth of the report, but keeping it generally uniform.
  2. Organize a playtesting report contest, rewarding a small amount of KATAMI for participation and a large amount for the best reports.
  3. Avoid paying in KATAMI tokens, and reward playtesters in Hive. Note that because this is a new project, the current Hive reserve is still very small, so the rewards would be rather small too.
  4. Organize a playtesting report contest, and reward a Kalavian Tales NFT for the top playtesting reports.
  5. Something else (please suggest in comment).

Since there are very few KATAMI holders at this stage (and KATAMI inflation is tightly controlled anyway), I am going to open this up for everyone and do it flat out democratically.

Please let me know your preferred option in the comments within the next 7 days. I will then combine all the inputs, and make a decision based on those once the deadline has passed!


I like the combination of 1 and 4. A little something for everyone who participates and NFT prize for the besties. Everyone loves NFTs 😁

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Thanks for responding, and your preference is duly noted 👍.
Let's see if there will be anyone else voting here. If not, I might end up with your preference 😄.

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Sounds good to me 😁

Okay, a week has passed, so a mixture of 1 and 4 it will be :).

I think it will be 1-2 months before the basic set is ready for testing, by the way.