#piratesunday: 2021 St. Helena Silver Stackage


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”Blackbirds tend to like shiny things.” ~ The Bloody Raven

When I first laid eye on this coin, I loved it. My immediate impression was its similarity to the Allegory of the Mexican Libertad but in reality, was modeled after the Victoria Memorial located in the mall in front of Buckingham palace. Plenty of similarities among the various countries that have immortalized their own expression of the Angel of Victory.

The 2021 St. Helena £1 Victory through Harmony

2021 St Helena £1 Victory Through Harmony
Reverse; Winged Angel of Victory Allegory facing left
Diameter 39mm, Thickness 2.6mm
First coin of six, in the Queen’s Virtues Series
Designed by Elles Kloosterman

I managed to acquire this specimen from Nyssacat373 when he put it up for sale on his Discord channel. Yes, I did BUY this from him.
It was an instantly popular coin as evidenced by the rapid sell out from my regular Canadian web retailers before I could secure one for myself and I can see why.

The general design of the Reverse is beautifully composed. The Cameo finish of the Winged Victory is exquisite in the details in her gown, the wings and wreath then set in mirrored holographic effect EIC pattern background that just enhances this coin’s Victory centerpiece. Then, the design is finished off in a legend that does not over distract from the subject of this coin to bring home it’s theme.
The curious detail is the mark of The East India Company EIC Privy mark located at the 5 o’clock position behind Victory’s wing.

2021 St Helena £1 Victory Through Harmony
Obverse; Queen Elizabeth II facing right
Legend; ·£1· ST. HELENA· QUEEN ELIZABETH II · 2021 ·
St. Helena legal tender
Designed by Raphael Maklouf
Edge; Reeded

Surprising to me, The East India Company does continue to exist as a revitalized chain of quality retail stores, though it’s namesake still lay claim to the development of trade and commerce across the globe, critically, it still has the Ghosts of Past suffering it caused within its former powers.

It is a considerably deep subject I will not delve into within the scope of this Post. However, equally surprising is that this company retails premium gold and silver bullion products of the Royal Mint.

Next, the 2021 St Helena £10 Bar

2021 £10 St Helena coin bar East India Company
Reverse; The EIC Merchant Mark, East Indiaman ship, Navigation lines
Dimensions; 90.5mm x 46.4mm x 7mm
Weight; 250g or 8.037 Troy Oz.

In the long history of the East India Company about 593 Sailing ships of various classes have been under the ownership or employ of the company. Any European ship operating under an EIC Charter or License were generally called an East Indiaman. By the late 18th century, The East Indiaman were the largest Merchant class ships designed for both passenger and cargo rating between 1100 to 1400 tons burden. Hardly designed for speed yet sufficiently armed to fight off pirates and privateers should the need arises. Formidable when traveling in squadrons.

However, an interesting note is the EIC at times of war arranged Letters of Marque for their ships should there be an opportunity to take enemy ships without being charged with piracy. This was first practiced in the Napoleonic war.

At the height of the EIC’s influence and power, the Company not only had it’s own standing army but also had Frigates stationed at Bombay Marine at it’s disposal to accompany EIC or Royal Navy squadrons.
The EIC at times sold their East Indiaman Class to the Royal Navy to be converted to warships for their ability to carry large Cannon. However, a ship designed for commerce often lacked the agility needed for battle and were later converted to military transports.

2021 £10 St Helena coin bar East India Company
Obverse; Victoria Crown, Cameo of Queen Elizabeth II facing right
Lettering; ST HELENA, £10, 2021
Lettering; 250g, FINE SILVER 999
Edge; Plain

You can see that The EIC was the prototype to a global monopoly with the power to project its will upon others. Eventually, the excesses, scandals and outstanding financial issues bought this company to an end.

Examples of the Indiaman class ships in existence.

image.png W1
The Dutch 1748 Amsterdam replica in the Netherlands Maritime Museum, Photo by E. Hartmann, Under CCO 3.0

image.png W2
The Swedish 1738 Götheborg replica in Gothenburg. Photo by Takeaway , Under CCO 3.0

Bonus Coin Feature

That little gold coin marking the position of St. Helena on the map really has nothing to do with St. Helena, the East India Company or Indiaman ships. More like traded with the Portuguese at the time and date.

Cleverly hidden in one of the packages from my order from Nyssacat373 was this pleasant gift gold coin I know he got from HK Colonial Coins. This exotic gold piece from the Malaysian peninsula has been tough to research with no entry on Numista yet or any of my usual places. So, it’d make a fine map location piece for now. Jinjin and Burt has seen something in this tiny coin but have yet come to any conclusions, perhaps a future story.

1455-1604 Indonesia Aceh Sultanate 1 Kupang ¼ Mas
Gold, Purity unknown
Diameter 13mm
Weight 0.6g
Similar characteristics to Riayat Shah 1 Kupang

Ben of HK Colonial Coin said about this coin.

The Sultanate of Aceh, officially the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam was a Sultanate centered in the modern-day Indonesian province of Aceh. It was a major regional power in the 16th and 17th centuries, before experiencing a long period of decline. Its capital was Kutaraja, the present-day Banda Aceh…

These gold coins were issued by two sultans… The boat shaped pattern on the obverse was from Ali Malik Al-Zahir, while the W-shaped boat was issued by Riayat Shah.

1455-1604 Indonesia Aceh Sultanate 1 Kupang ¼ Mas
And giving credit where credit is due, Thank you @nyssacat373
💋 💋 💋
Another delightful exotic coin!

Still spicing things up, what kind of coin do you have in your Stack lately?

And thank you for coming aboard unto me pirate blog today!

The #piratesunday tag is the scurvy scheme of Captain @stokjockey for #silvergoldstackers pirates to proudly showcase their shiny booty and plunder for all to see. Landlubbers arrrh…welcomed to participate and be a Pirate at heart so open yer treasure chests an’ show us what booty yea got!


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HK Colonial Coins on Instagram
HK Colonial Coins on Ebay But don’t go here.
Why? Because on IG, he may give you a discount if you offer Crypto as payment.
World Map Hanky from BlackFlagEDC on Instagram or www.blackflagedc.com
The East India Company store Gold & Silver Bullion Deptartment


1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. W1. W2 Wiki Commons

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I can see why you like these, especially the 2021 St. Helena. Nicely detailed and very pretty to look at! The bar is nice as well, but the little gold coin is very intriguing. A bonus is always a nice surprise! Thanks for sharing your newly begotten treasure, sis! Take care and enjoy!🤗💜🌻

There are so many beautiful coins to stack and collect that it is impossible to be bored Stacking. Even as narrow as Theme collecting like the Ship Bar, or pure beauty as in the Victory through Harmony there is the history behind them.

More cool treasure to come, I just need the time.
Thanks for the comment @elizabethbit

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You are very welcome, sis!💜🌻. I look forward to more in the future!

ooh sweet coin with Victory through harmony and the little gold coin is amazing, you should go get it scanned with an XRF gun and find out what exactly the gold content is.

I just don't have one of those XRF gadgets handy so when I get the chance, I would inquire of Ben of HK Colonial Coins to try that route if the equipment is available for him.

Thank you Commenting @monsterjamgold and the suggestion.

I find that my local Coin Store would charge me $10 plus tax to do an XRF scan.

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I !LUV It @kerrislravenhill
Thank You for Keeping #PirateSunday Alive............ Ships and Stacking Precious Metals, You Can't Get Any Better Than That................

The English Crown and the East India Company colluding to a bit of Privateering work huh?
Letters of Marque.
Early form of Fascism?
Some easy profit opportunities for the EIC.
Pouncing on French trade ships as England was at war with Napoleon.
Had to make sure I got that little nugget of history in.

I love history and old sailing ships.

Thanks for the Pirate Luv @stokjockey

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Hunh. I had no idea the East India Company still existed; I honestly thought it was only a bad memory of a bygone era. Instead it seems something akin to the Hudson's Bay Company. Interesting!

Neither did I.
I didn't take a lot of digging to find out that this Business was re-established into a posh retailing chain outlet that it is now.

If you read the About Us tab, they do make an appeal that they are not the Company of past misdeeds and no longer reflect the policies and values of the past while admonishing the advancements of their Namesake.

BTW , I live within 2 kms from one of the last Hudsons Bay Stores. It'd be a matter of time before it closes doors for good.

Thanks for dropping in Mr @wwiebe

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I miss Hudson Bay stores. I always like to look for gifts at the one in downtown Calgary. It's probably no longer anything like I remember it, but I'd always find my way out of it in December with two arm loads of goods that I'd somehow carry through a winter scene to the LRT.

I gotta get me one of these

A friend managed to grab a bar for me when this first came out on Apmex.
Checking now... Out of Stock.
Silvergoldbull.ca in Canada is selling for a hook and a peg-leg at just under $300 USD.
Even at these high premiums they still go fast.
Good Luck finding one of these at decent prices.
Mintage of this coin bar has yet to be published.

Thanks for dropping in @geneeverett

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I have a couple of the St. Helena coins and this is a very detailed, classy looking coin.

That is a cool looking silver bar, I have not seen one that looks like that before.

I give credit to @silverd510 and @thedamus for pointing me to this bar/coin a few months ago. They know that I'm a sucker for Ships on coins. The 250g bar was a MUST get for me. My friend got me this bar from Apmex.

Checking the Numista database, St. Helena sure has a lot of coinage for a stable population of 4,000 people on a small Island with not much economically going for it since the Suez Canal opened.

Like Nuie, Cook Islands, Tuvalu, Fiji and other Island nations, commemorative and collectable coins are a nice seniorage income for the this small Independancey of St Helena that was once a vital way station to the East Indies.

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I can't decide @kerrislravenhill, do I like the St Helena commemorative coin or the bar better???
Stunning silver my friend, and the Gold is a nice bonus as well!!!😀

I had extra cash so I went for both, but there was that interesting connection between the Monarchy and the East India Company I just couldn't leave alone that left an ironic taste to the theme of Victory Through Harmony and a bit of a tarnish to the Queen's Virtues.

Also intriguing is that the new East India Company sells Premium proof Gold and Silver bullion. I didn't know that! Pretty slick looking website.

My next shipment from Nyssacat will likely have another few surprises.

Thanks for the comment @silvertop

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Looking forward to your next "shipment" @kerrislravenhill!😀 I just took the Dogecoin plunge....Who knows what the pumping from Mr Elon will do Lol!!🤣

Good show!
Consistent with your stacking.
Hahaha, buying and saving!
Stack on sis @kerrislravenhill.
Hugs and Kisses 🥰🌺🤙!!

When I saw this big bar, it was a must get!

It took a bit of digging around history to tie in Queen's Virtues Victory through Harmony and the troubling history in association with the old East India Company. It does give me pause on how Queen Elizabeth would absolve this Company's past sins? Or reconcile the fact that her predecessors use the EIC as an instrument to plunder other countries.

Anyway, I hope you checked out the EIC Bullion department link. Premium Prices for Pretty Proof Bullion so I just window shopped. Looked, admired but didn't buy. But I know someone who did.

Always, with Pirate love 🤗 🌺 💖

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I've seen that bar, and I want to get it too.
But it is not what my strategy calls for!
I just have t be content in seeing it here and on other social media!
I have all the 1 oz coins I would ever want, except the libertad for 2021, including that 2021 St. Helena:
Now, since this is a first-year issue, I intend to complete the set!

Great pictures, you nicely compose your pictures to a certain style.
Well done Kerris. You seem to spend a lot of time writing this up, how do you find the time?
My attempt to take pictures tend to kind of wash out.
You have to show me how to take the pictures, Heh heh!
Have a relaxing weekend.

About to get some vacation time soon.


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You already know I love that boob coin there! That Indonesian gold piece is killer, just because of the antiquity. Oldest I think I have is 1800 something.

I like an old mystery coin. I could easily spend hours studying one coin like this looking for data and information let alone its history. I'm glad Ben shed a little light on it for me. One day when I'm retired I could take all the time I want to research it further.

Knowledge is the Treasure.

Thanks for the comment and the boost, @enginewitty

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Anytime sweets. 🤗