Postmasters Royal Society of London Medal - 1977 Commemorative Series: Expedition to Tuvalu

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”Black birds tend to like shiny things.” ~ The Bloody Raven

Despite my recent Dogecoin windfall and the plunge in Bullion paper prices, my Local Coin stores (LCS) are out of bullion again before I was ready.

A mere 24 hours and half tube of 2021 silver Maple Leaves slipped my clutches this time. With some extra cash already set aside for this quarter’s Dollar Cost averaging the strategy has not yielded me another good opportunity early this 2021. Restocking is expected in about a week at one LCS.

Until then, one Tuvalu coin or more precisely, a medallion came in the mail just 48 hours ago and may stave off my Stackitis symptoms until they are back in stock.

For those Philatelic inclined it came as a Medallic First day cover card.

The Medallion


An Ebay acquisition at a more than fair price with no more than $3 above spot for this pretty seaworthy Sterling silver medallion. The deal was made better by acquiring another similar medal that I will show later.

1977 Commemorative Series: Expedition to Tuvalu
Obverse; An anchored ship, Tuvalu in the background
Inscription (Engraver initials Richard Renninger) RR
Weight 19.66g, 0.925 Sterling Silver
Diameter 38.5mm, Thickness 2.2mm
Eleventh Medal of 12 for 1977
Actual issue date was in 1978

The Obverse illustrates the 1896-1897 Royal Society of London’s Expedition to Tuvalu. The HMS Porpoise is anchored in the lagoon off Funafuti Tuvalu to collect and examine bore samples of coral to prove or disprove the Charles Darwin’s geological Theory who was in Tuvalu on an earlier 1831 to 1836 expedition. This expedition was led by Sir Tannatt William Edgeworth David and G.H. Halligan under Professor William Sollas of Oxford University.

1977 Commemorative Series: Expedition to Tuvalu
Reverse; UN Logo
Inscription; OFFICIAL COMMEMORATIVE ISSUE, Honoring the Royal Society of London's Expedition to Tuvalu, November 2, 1977
EMISSION COMMEMORATIVE OFFICIELLE, En l'honneur de l'expédition de la Société Royale de Londres, à Tuvalu, Le 2 novembre 1977
Classification; Exonumia/Token
Mintage Unknown
The Franklin mint U.S.A
Edge; Reeded with lettering SILVER 925/1000 JP 78 P

While we familiar with the HMS Beagle of Charles Darwin, not a lot was known about the HMS Porpoise research ship. Details are difficult to find about this research vessel, likely a private ship but it should not be mistaken for the Archer Class British Naval cruiser of the same name, and ships well into the age of Ironclad Warships.

Should I find a capsule or leave it in the original bland cardboard holder?

This medal represents one of 36 commemorative sterling silver medallion set released by the International Society of Postmasters, 1975 to 1978, with a C.O.A and stamped envelope from the celebrated country.

Though I enjoy collecting/stacking the Sailing ship theme in my silver coins, this International Society of Postmasters is no doubt in my mind a lovely silver medal and to add a bit of a mystery. I still have yet to find the mintage numbers of this Tuvalu medal.

I’ve already got me un-patched my eye out for the next Tuvalu coin from the Perth Mint. It’s coming soon! ⚔

2021 Tuvalu 1 oz Silver Black Flag
Reverse ☠

2021 Tuvalu 1 oz Silver Black Flag
Obverse ☠

I hope yea enjoyed me little Pirate Blog t’day

Thank yea fer coming aboard!

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1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons


Expedition to Tuvalu
Wiki; History of Tuvalu
Web; Franklin Mint Silver medals
A. Apmex; Ching Shih and the Red Flag Fleet

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Pirates Love Their Silver Ships Especially on #PirateSunday @kerrislravenhill

No need to self Isolate yourself @stokjockey the crew here can always hear a good word from you. Your comments are as good as gold among the faithful Pirates here.

2020 Tuvalu $1 Black Flag: The Royal Fortune

Thank You Kerris, I Appreciate those Kind Words.............

Good looking commemorative there Kerris and a good price. Hope i don’t miss the Black Flag release it’s gonna go quick.

The Retailer was primarily a Stamp Dealer and not much into Silver coins. Felt a wee bit guilty at the price I got them considering the current high premiums for comparable silver coin/rounds are going for. But at least they got it a little above spot price.
Sometimes I get lucky.

Thanks for commenting @silverd510

1999 Canada Dollar Juan Perez and The Santiago

Very cool indeed @kerrislravenhill! I have a fondness for the old west, but do admire the ships as well. It's awesome to stack what interests each of us, but should the time come to sell anything in an emergency, I know you have things that hold no sentimental value and would be easily disposed of, just as I do. Keep on stackin', sista! Have a wonderful week ahead and take care!💜🌻🤗

That's one reason to Stack more so it can buy me some time to execute my liquidation plan such I can afford to prioritize what gets sold first.
I am able to maintain an Emergency Cash Reserve so far to prevent such an issue, sure wasn't easy but it will save me some unnecessary worry. It's a relief to know I won't get hung by unexpected repair bills and avoid debt.
But, if Inflation starts to really climb I may have ratio down my cash reserves into more silver. At least its the plan.
Thanks for the comment Sis @elizabethbit

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Always, sis!💜

Very cool, sis! I hope you don't miss the Black Flag Ching Shih!

Hugs and Kisses 🥰🌺🤙!!!!

According to Nyssacat373 this coin as available today in a blue Apmex holder similar in shape to a slab holder. Stock unknown at the moment.
He said he got two for me. Isn't he sweet?
He says the coin is still inside a capsule.
Only 15,000 minted so better order yourself The Pirate Queen soon before they are gone!

Always, with love 🤗 🌺 💖

2019 Tuvalu Black Flag: Queen Anne’s Revenge and Mutiny Metals Flag of Black Beard

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The guy loves you, sis!

I Absolutely love how this Tuvalu Medallion came as a Medallic First day cover card @kerrislravenhill!😀
Complete with the Nov 2nd 1977..just awesome!!🤗

It's rather cool to see a First Day Cover also having a commemorative medal. History connecting together two research ships. One as a Stamp and the other a medal.
Ebay and a few other Auction sites have records of the Complete set of 32 of these special covers sold.
However, I am only interested in the Ships.
With the price this Stamp Dealer was selling these I could have gotten more. Thanks for the comment @silvertop

1977 Bermuda $25 Independence Commemorative

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So very nice @kerrislravenhill, I always look forward to your post my friend!!😀

Thats an interesting piece you got there, at least it will hold you over for a bit. Don't let the stackitites get you. I'm sure you will get your maples!

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Just keeping my wits about me knowing that the COMEX is essentially out of salable Silver and those holding title to the Allocated stock aren't selling.
A recent report claims a projected increase of 8% in world Silver production from out of their arse, I call FUD.
Still no MLs Stock at the LCS today.
Thanks for dropping in @tbnfl4sun

1993 Malta 5 Lira, The Defense of Europe

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You're welcome @kerrislravenhill, Happy PUD! 😊🌹

On to the next Tuvalu coin hahahhahaha , always have a goal dear
Have a great day

Thanks @brittandjosie

It is an odd change in format for the series.
The Perth Mint now having the Great Piratess or Pirate on the coin rather than just the Ship.
We knew the Name of the ships both Black Bart's (Royal Fortune) and Blackbeard's (Queen Anne's Revenge) so I was curious to find out from the Perth Mint because no one knew the name of Shih's personal ship if she had one. "Ching Shih's Junk!" wouldn't sound impressive.
Perhaps she was chosen for 2021 Black Flag coin for Politically Correct reasons?
I don't know.
At least she was quite the Badass Pirate Queen of the South China Sea. ☠ ⚔ ⚓

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