How do you earn dCity SIM?

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Built on the HIVE Blockchain, dCity is a city simulation game where you are in control of your city's destiny. The decisions that you choose to make in playing the game determine such things as your city's population and your potential income. The income earned by playing dCity, at least initially, is payable to you in SIM tokens, the native utility token within the dCity ecosystem.

With that said, in this subsection of the dCity Coin Guide, let's give a look at several ways you can earn some SIM tokens for your wallet.


To begin with, you must understand that dCity is an investment style game, To participate and play, you must purchase dCity NFT's. It is worthy to note that once purchased, these dCity NFT's belong to you and are freely transferable and saleable. This 'ownership' of your game assets allows the the option to just play the game for the fun of it, or, to develop yourself an investment strategy to maximize your SIM income and trade in-game assets.

That is all it takes! All you have to do is invest by purchasing some dCity NFT's and the game does the rest for you and you start earning SIM token income daily. There is absolutely no maximum set on the amount you can invest into the game, and you are free to grow your city as large as you desire. This is not a game where you are required to do a lot or spend huge amounts of time in, but rather you simply invest and observe your in-game assets grow.


You may also earn SIM tokens through investing by clicking on 'Swap' at the top of the dCity page. You will then be redirected to the following web page:

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By adding SIM and SWAP:HIVE tokens in equal value proportions to this liquidity pool, you are entitled to receive rewards as a shareholder. Do not worry as the SIM coins added to this pools still count toward the computation of your SIM Power. Also note. a separate and distinct diesel pool is also available for the SIM coin paired with BEE which may be found on Tribaldex.

[NOTE: A separate dedicated subsection of the dCity Coin Guide is present for your review concerning the topic of DeFi applications for your SIM coins].


There are basically three (3) ways for you to earn HIVE Tokens by participating in dCity. These are:

  1. Once you have invested and have your City set up to the point you are generating a decent amount of SIM daily, you may exchange your SIM for HIVE. By doing this, in essence, you are paying yourself and are recouping your investment. It is not recommended that you do this every day/week as you must remember the game incentivizes you to hold SIM in game for better rewards.
  2. Grow your City to the ranks of the 'Megacities'. By entering the ranks of the best 400 in-game cities, you become eligible to receive a share of the 1% of daily rewards (from card sales and post rewards). This reward is paid in HIVE tokens and is done on a daily basis.
  3. Hodl your SIM tokens. If you have sufficient SIM tokens to hold 8000 SIM Power (calculated as a 30 day average of your holdings) you will receive a share of the daily 'Holdings Income' payable in HIVE tokens.


There is a wonderful opportunity available in dCity for one to produce a daily income whatever the size of the City may be. But remember the amount of the daily income derived from dCity is dependent upon the size of the investment in the game you make. And as such, caution, do not invest amounts over your head nor amounts you can not afford to lose (a general precaution for any investment).

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Looks like easier than I thought it would be! Gonna give it a try later

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@tfranzini! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @eirik.

Did you know you can earn $VFT through the PIZZA farm? (1/20)

You should definitely give it a go.

Even if you ignore the actual gameplay part and just focus on the DeFi on Hive aspect of the game.

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