LEO Roundtable #14: Why Are the Masses Trading Stocks Instead of Crypto?

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This episode of the LEO Roundtable was a journey. We kicked it off talking about the stock market and how everyone and their mother seems to have become an overnight day trader.

From there, we talked about crypto adoption. Why are so many average people flocking to the equity markets to “gamble” with their extra time and stimulus money rather than going to crypto where they can work “against” the establishment and have an easier signup process (as opposed to opening a brokerage account).

@scaredycatguide (Mitch) posed a great question: is this an indication of the nascency of crypto and why mass adoption is further than everyone expects?

We then dive into some talk about social media platforms and consumption of media. We analyzed some options trades since we’ve all seem to fall deeper into the rabbit hole over the past several episodes. I showed off the Tastyworks platform and how I use it to analyze options trades before I enter a new position.

We ended the show analyzing cryptocurrencies: BAT & HIVE along with Ethereum and some talk about DeFi and Bitcoin.

In This Episode:

  • 0:00 Why Are the Masses Flocking to the Stock Market Instead of Cryptocurrencies?
  • 3:52 We (on the roundtable) All Believe that Crypto is Here to Stay. Are the Returns Inevitable and Just a Matter of Time?
  • 15:30 Social Media Platforms, Audiobooks and Podcasts
  • 30:31 Options Trading Update: What Happens to the Market if Biden Wins?
  • 37:10 Iron Condor on IWM
  • 38:17 TSLA Analysis and Short
  • 43:52 SQ Analysis and Credit Spread
  • 53:35 SPY
  • 59:40 Using the Tastyworks Platform for Analyzing Options Trades & Viewing IV Rank
  • 1:11:40 JPM Put Credit Spread
  • 1:14:48 ZM
  • 1:18:00 BAT Cryptocurrency Analysis
  • 1:21:05 HIVE Crypto Analysis
  • 1:24:25 MakerDAO CDP Vaults with BAT
  • 1:28:00 Ethereum, Wrapped Bitcoin and DeFi
  • 1:31:02 Pending Post/Curation Rewards on Hivestats.io
  • 1:35:00 Gap vs. Intraday Trading and Neal’s New Strategy
  • 1:43:00 Bitcoin & Correlation to Equity Markets

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Good question.

The stockmarket is divorced from fundamentals. Many stocks are practically centralized shitcoins.

100% divorced from reality. Centralized shitcoins is even generous in some cases

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I've been having great fun explaining this to mainstream investors in Facebook groups. :)

I traded stock for just 6 months or less...didn't liked it...got back in crypto ASAP.

Haha I play both sides quite a bit but crypto is definitely the most fun

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Yepp, when I was there, most people would only discourage to trade. Nobody would share their views about what they think etc.

On crypto, most people are new traders, like 6-8 years, as compared to stocks, 15-20 years. So people easily share startegies, techniques, thought process etc.

Also, there are no lambos and moon gifs. lol. I love the crypto side only. Never gonna leave it!

People see them as a safer HODL, even if the stock market has no real point anymore (what are you really buying)? I think one thing that crypto has going for it is that you can daytrade with a lot less capital.

You guys mentioned ChainLink, which I'm now buying a bag, I'll try to explain in few words what ChainLink is since you guys were confused about it:

Basically it's a crypto that enables decentralized oracles services, which means that anyone can have some LINK, start a node, and start feeding data from the real world or from the virtual world to SmartContracts, or even to other financial services like stock exchanges or even normal companies, as long as they use oracles services, ChainLink can decentralize those and make the oracles more trustless.

ChainLink is right now being used in many services that require PriceFeeds, like exchanges. It's also going to start being used in RealT(tokenized real estate), where token hodlers will be able to get an appraisal done by various companies through the use of ChainLink, and the price of the house will be the average out of those appraisals.

Check all current partnerships here: https://chainlinkecosystem.com/ecosystem/

BTW, BAT will soon be accepted on Celsius where you will be able to earn interest(still not sure what the interest rates will be but probably around 4%-6%)

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