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RE: PolyCUB's Limited Release Model Combined With Governance and Long-Term Yield Optimization

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I believe it will support it. @dalz just put out a post recently talking about the actual inflation that 20% HBD interest causes. It's something like 0.04% of HIVE inflation which is pretty wild.

"BTW, you are doing very well in the engagement challenge. I'm trying my best but I'm running out of voting power."

Haha thank you! I am doing my best. There's some tough competition out here!

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It's something like 0.04% of HIVE inflation

This is for the past year, realized ... now, if everything stays the same it will be 0.16%, and up from there as HBD in savings is increased


It’s still extremely low. We’re building a massive incentive structure for people to get involved in the Hive ecosystem through HBD and 0.16% is nothing in terms of cost-benefit analysis

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