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RE: Should Leo Finance move to BSC?

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"I don’t know how hard could be to implement this change or what are the impediments but I’m sure the more alternatives the better."

We actually have all of our technology ready for bLEO. We haven't launched yet because we're considering the pros and cons of listing a new pool (on any platform). The incentives will still lie heavily in the WLEO-ETH pool as that is our main source of liquidity but we would setup a smaller incentive system for LPs that want to provide liquidity on something like BSC.

We also have the option to pool bLEO-BNB or bLEO-BUSD which also introduces some interesting dynamics.

On one hand, pooling against BNB may bring greater volatility. On the other hand, having a lower volatility pool with a stablecoin would also be attractive for various reasons.

It's something we're thinking about and we're ready to launch whenever we decide. The goal is always to provide as much value to the LEO economy as possible, but there are certainly pros and cons to listing another pool (regardless of the chain its on).

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The goal is always to provide as much value to the LEO economy as possible

That resumes everything and is always the most important thing to bear in mind.

I understand about the pros and cons but I’m glad that at least tech is ready in case you need to pull the trigger. I’m sure you will make the best decision for Leo Finance.

Thanks for the quick response.

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