LEO Roundtable #11: Dollar Milkshake Theory, Options Trading for Income, TSLA vs. Nikola, Bitcoin, LEO & dCity

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For the 50th episode of the LeoFinance podcast, we hosted another LEO Roundtable podcast. We kicked it off talking about the popular dollar milkshake theory and continued on to analyze the price of the USD now and in the near to long-term future, drawing in analyses on other major fiat currencies across the globe.

Following a logical progression, we analyzed Gold and Bitcoin after our talks about fiat currencies. Moved on to talk about the S&P500 and where the entire equities market is headed during these turbulent times.

The Hertz situation is one that is extremely interesting. We talked about the company, the stock price and why Robinhood traders jumped in and pushed the stock up to $6 following news of bankruptcy. Hertz is also currently in talks to be able to sell worthless stock to investors.

The Tesla and Nikola conversation was also fun. We talked about the share prices and competitive advantages of these two companies as they attack the titans of the automobile industry with clean energy vehicles.

One of my favorite parts of the episode is when we talked about the basics of options trading and how one can earn an income from selling options contracts. I thought this was a very interesting strategy and ended up testing it out by selling an SQ put after the show.

We closed it out talking about the LEO token price, the crazy rally that we’ve seen recently and the future of the entire LeoFinance community. We also talked about dCity and personal strategies for building an income in the SIM token.

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In This Episode:

  • 0:00 Dollar milkshake theory and where the USD is headed in the next 1-10 years
  • 5:00 Analysis on AUD, CAD and other currencies as indicators for USD value
  • 28:30 Gold Analysis
  • 30:00 Bitcoin Analysis
  • 34:45 SPX Analysis
  • 38:30 Hertz Analysis: Why did Robinhood traders start a buying frenzy on a dying company?
  • 41:00 XOP
  • 46:00 TSLA Vs. Nikola
  • 52:35 Options trading basics: creating a “dividend" by selling calls/puts
  • 1:05:30 More SPX Analysis alongside other major indices
  • 1:25:50 LEO Token Analysis and community updates
  • 1:53:20 dCity Breakdown: Talking about game fundamentals and personal strategies to build a profitable city

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They definitely piqued my interest in covered call/spread strategies. I've been going down the rabbit hole since this episode!

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Whoever knows where the US dollar is headed, due to it still being the world's reserve currency, will know to some degree where all other asset classes are headed.

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I agree, there's an uncertain future there. I like Neal's take on the short-long term broad outlook on where it's headed. I do wonder about competition for reserve currency status and how that will impact the U.S. economy and our purchasing power over the next decade. Maybe that's something to bring to the roundtable in a future discussion

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The dollar milkshake theory makes sense it’s just the least sickest horse in the race! The dollar will continue to eat away at other countries first, even with the printing theirs so little liquidity for outside US consumption and even in the Euro dollar market to service debts,countries are also borrowing massively so once their US dollar denominated debt becomes unserviceable they’ll go tits up

What that does to the debt holders I’m not sure with an infinite balance sheet, the USD seems like the greatest confidence game of all TIME I wonder how far it can be pushed