CubFinance Bonding Mechanism and Protocol Owned Liquidity

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CubFinance bonding is nearing release. Our contracts are ready and now we're building out the frontend to handle the bonding mechanism and incentive pendulum we're building.

In this clip, we talk about CUB bonding and POLYCUB bonding and how we've built an incentive pendulum model inspired by Thorswap and Thorchain (THOR and RUNE).

THOR recently launched OHM bonds and showed some interesting tokenomics in regards to how their "Farm" (THOR-RUNE LP) interacts with their "Kingdom" (Single Stake THOR) and how those two interact with their Bonding (OHM Bonds)...

We've built out a very similar model for CUB Bonds. We'll see this integrated and radically change the tokenomics and sustainability of CUB.

The mission of CubFinance is to build a sustainable DeFi application that can bring together the best features of the industry, creating a truly robust and diverse application for LeoFinance users and the broader space.

Our goal is to attract and build the Kingdoms TVL number on CubFinance. This is going to take a lot of work, but we've set CubFinance up for the future with Kingdoms and now the new bonding mechanism. We belive Kingdoms TVL is going to radically expand and with PoL and Black Hole Theory taking effect once bonding goes live, this is going to become increasingly apparent. Something we can all track and follow on a daily basis.

If you want to read more about CUB Bonding mechanics, you can take a sneak peak at the not-yet-released page of the CUB Docs about it.



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The mission of CubFinance is to build a sustainable DeFi application that can bring together the best features of the industry.

Absolutely right and looking at the current growth and adoption in DeFi and the overall Leo ecosystem I can say that CUB is highly undervalued. Its just. matter of time and the CUB value will be way higher.

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Cub bonding sounds like a very interesting thing to read about, this is my first time hearing about it. Nice one guys.

After watching your video and looking for an example on THOR, I kind of understand it. Basically, instead of dumping the LP you used to farm on the market, you bond it and receive native token (CUB for instance) at a discount if I get it correctly.

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The sustainability of the protocol in cub will definitely promote it in a positive way and a better direction

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This is a nice move which I believe all cub holders will benefit greatly from. Thanks for the update

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Very few Defi platforms have survived for long and cubdefi is one of the platform which in doing good with good amount of locked value. I see it having huge potential and I easily expect it's price to be in few $$
Like you mentioned to make it sustainable model which I am sure it would become. Now is the time to own more cub and I am doing already with my cub srake in Kingdom. Thanks for fantastic update

Defi on very TX cheap chains is the future. Eth us super exorbitant in fees. I loved eth years ago. Too pricey

I got 500 cub staked and I'm hodling

I have been known about cub now which it as be coming to me as an interesting coin to invest on

There are some really nice interesting crypto ideas going on this hive blockchain, cubfinance would be a hit in the crypto world. I'd still love to know more and get more findings on it.

Great, I was wanting to try something else that just Cub's Kingdom ! !PIZZA

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the bonding mechanism sounds really cool. anything that increases the TVL and improves cub technology is welcome. Also great to see keeping pace in the DeFi space. interesting update, time to get more cub

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Can't wait to see what the future has in store for CubFinance with all the progress being made. At this point it feels like it doesn't really matter that BTC does next.

Keep it up!

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Great to see CUB DeFi keeping up the pace to what is new on the market and the CUB Bonding looks like a sweet feature to add. Innovation brought to the community immediately that occurs, great adaptability in the DeFi space!

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I never heard about bonding mechanism before, but it can be revolutionary thing!Good to hear that smart contract will use this technology in CubFinance. If it work on other chains, then why not?
Such a great news!

You find yourself here and just still keep learning, I'm on the watch now.
Cubfinance is a new deal right now.

i just love how you guys are always visible. keep it up 🤞

Hello sir
I am newbie in this social. I need your suppor. Pleace suppprt me.

I just read about cub bonding mechanics and discovered it will bring out the best features Leo Finance users will benefit. I glad I joined the community n keep it up guyz and can't wait for its release...

Already, a lot of Defi dapp available on finance and many more in preperation as leader I can guess is compound, Aaave and few more to compete with them and what innovation you are suposing to bring in cub finance.
How this will be different altough till now on hive blockchain there is no competion but still as times passes many dapps with similar fork will generate. how you guys believe it will make sustainable model in long term and making unique cub finance.
All the good luck with project.

bonding is a nice feature. IMO to increase the DEFI value of cub and polycub in the future, the leobridge should become a bigger thing.

Like a extra site on Leofinance that allow crosschain swaps super easy.

Hive to bsc / bsc to hive /bsc to poly /poly to bsc and so on. Every Site on leo universe should have those. But not backed by LEO ( because of volume), instead it should use hive. So the volume would be larger.

The fee that comes can always be used to purchase LEO / CUB or whatever to reward the holders with burns.

High-volume cross-chain swaps are IMO a big thing. If the fee is competitive and the possible liquidity high, it should attract a lot of arbitrage bots that pays a daily fee by natural demand.

With user swaps, it could be a cash cow.

I mean tech is in place, it only needs high liquidity for swaper.

i had questions
and your answer was to block me?

just wanted clarification that one needs to put value into chains that are NOT hive. yes / no ?

just wanted clarification on these DEFI projects

zero discussion? just straight up censorship: silence anything that does not follow hyperbole?

honest question for clarification because i'm a big believer in HIVE. DOES THIS DEFI require purchases of OTHER COINS ie BSC, ETH, now Polywhathaveyou....

discussion is not that hard. but i admit censorship and downvoting others who disagree with you is just playing the same old BIG TECH SILICON VALLEY GAME we were trying to escape


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