LeoInfra V1 Walkthrough: Create a Hive Account in Less Than 30 Seconds

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A few days ago, we launched LeoInfra V1 and also released a major update to the leofinance.io UI. In this update, we built a new onboarding process and created the most seamless signup process imaginable.

The first iteration of LeoInfra allows users with MetaMask to instantaneously sign up for a Hive account on LeoFinance.io. In this video, you'll see me walkthrough the process of signing up and see just how easy it is.

We also added additional cross-blockchain functionalities. These features were originally built for the LEO -> WLEO bridge but have been temporarily adapted using a third-party app (swap.app) to allow users to instantly convert LEO rewards into ETH rewards.

Once WLEO is back online, we'll add the full update back to the UI - which includes a new WLEO/Ethereum wallet tab that features wrap functions and a lot of other amazing features. I know many LeoFinance users - especially those of you who were in the Liquidity Pool - are patiently waiting for the update post on the LP redistribution (to payback impacted LPs) and also the in-depth investigation we conducted on the Wrapped LEO attack.

We've compiled a whitepaper about the attack which we're aiming to release on Thursday. This whitepaper will describe the entire situation and also dive deeply into how it happened and how it will be prevented in the future. At the end of the paper, we've designed a new architecture for WLEO that is far more secure and makes an attack like the one we experienced impossible.

When WLEO comes back, the UI will unhide many of these additional aspects of LeoInfra. For now, we have an amazing feature in the interim which allows users who have bound their ETH address to their Hive account (by clicking the "Connect With MetaMask" button) to claim rewards as ETH.

This new LeoFinance architecture is a great indication of what is to come over the next few years as we continually build and innovate on top of the LeoFinance ecosystem: we're building a cross-chain blogging app. The backend is all on Hive - the best blockchain for user interactions, rewards distribution, etc. (thanks to 3 second blocks and free transactions).

While these actions are stored on the Hive blockchain database, we're also connecting with other blockchains/applications (like this update that features a Metamask/Ethereum connection) in order to seamlessly onboard new users. The process is truly amazing and I'm extremely happy with the way it turned out.

We've made signing up for Hive easier than ever and we're just getting started. Enjoy the walkthrough and if you have any questions about this or LeoFinance / the LeoInfra project in general, drop a comment below 🦁



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First of all great job with metamask, I watched a video of a sign up and was impressed how fast it really was for new users to sign up for an account.

Second thank you for your work on Leo and not letting the hack deter you as we aim for wleo 2.0.

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Thanks @whatageek :) We'll keep charging ahead, come hell or high water. The community supporting the entire @leofinance project is what makes that possible. Many could have easily given up that day and walked away from our project and community, but the resolve was clearly strengthened.

After spending the last week working hard to get the situation investigated thoroughly, finding the LP balances that need to get redistributed and ultimately designing a more robust version of WLEO that we can all move forward on, I'm even more bullish than 2 months ago when we started down the whole Wrapped LEO path in the first place. 🦁

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I take my hat off for you.
And if you reach your goal of 40,000 users i'll be willing to eat it even.

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haha well I can tell you that our ambition is to reach that number and beyond. Metamask is just one of the many steps along the path to achieving 40k + users. The macro perspective on our roadmap is clear: continually buidl and innovate our interface (leofinance.io) while also bridging to other apps and communities like MetaMask/Ethereum to generate more awareness and make it a seamless experience to login to LeoFinance no matter what corner of the internet you reside in.

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Testing from TAILS 4.12.
On TORR. With Torr browser, which name I dont even know.
Will it work? I pretending like noob, first time here.

Installed Metamask in a minute. First time. First try. hmmm, Torr is no obstacle?

Seems Metamask SIGN-UP is working too. Got there in no time.

Step2 : Connecting to LEO. YEP, It's works!
Let's see, I even got 10 HP delegated? woohooohoo!
Not sure though, for how long these 10 HP deleg.

Now if you upvote this here - I even will get some of my first LEO's , right?

Can I ask for more? Seems realy terrific.

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My respect. And THANK YOU!

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Really really impressive stuffs leofinance have developed. MetaMask integration is a good way of drawing the attention of Ethereum users to leo and Hive tokens!

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Really really impressive what Leofinance have been able to achieve thus far. The future is bright for LEO token

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It's amazing and beautiful to see all the new features and expansions you are bringing to LeoFinance. This community remains the model for what can be done with a Hive "second layer" community... keep up the great work!


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Great vid Khal, thanks for doing the 'for Hive users'-bit first :)...I've now connected my a/c to metamask. Great to hear WLEO is being resurrected so soon.

The on-boarding process that you and the team have developed for new users is simple, quick and looks really good.

Full support bro, you're doing an amazing job!

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Like I've said before, it was on one of your early Leo podcasts where you described the way LeoFinance could onboard new Hive users, that got me involved.

It's so cool to see things like this coming to fruition.

I also love the way you cut these up into smaller, more focused pieces of content. Much easier to digest and get through.

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Accessibility is always a welcome change, this is definitely an achievement that will have great effect.

I hope I will be able to get more involved with HIVE and Leo by extension sooner rather than later, I still have some stuff to figure out, but I'm getting there :)
It's always good to see work being done to make entry more intuitive for the newcomer, coming from a newcomer ;)

Keep up the good work!

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The developments are superb. But can we have a 50/50 ratio option of LEO/ LEO POWER for post payouts?

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I'm always impressed with the amount of updates you push @khaleelkazi.

I think you and @aggroed are role models on #HIVE working at peak performance!

Using the MetaMask feature on LeoFinance over the last few days have been seamless. Amazing interactions with the ETH blockchain. Building my ETH portfolio cannot be more merrier than through LEO.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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October 2020 is the World Mental Heath Month

Great Job, Keep it up. Make onboarding easy and simple.

Great stuff, man.
I have an unrelated question, though.
How to sign in to my existing account on android?

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Never thought this would happen so fast after the announcement was made! Beautiful! Now let's get those MetaMaskers join! (I saw some already!)

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That is pretty cool!

Appreciate the tutorial video Kahl. Now I know how to work all this stuff! Great things are a ahead for sure!

All of this is really blowing my mind! Time to buy some LEO!

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Love your video updates! You're an example for many of us, Khal.

I know many LeoFinance users - especially those of you who were in the Liquidity Pool - are patiently waiting for the update post on the LP redistribution (to payback impacted LPs) and also the in-depth investigation we conducted on the Wrapped LEO attack.

Yes, patiently waiting and these updates and your overall communication help a lot.

Keep up the great work! No matter how much I love ( my ) LEO, converting to ETH sounds pretty exciting too.

Cheers from Portugal!

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Would it be possible to support Brave's native Crypto Wallet without switching the browser setting to "Metamask"? Other Ethereum-based DApps also work with Brave's Crypto Wallet right away without the need to switch any advanced settings.

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