Genesis League Sports Investment - 91% of 2022 Goal Achieved Staked

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Hi friends on Hive. Year 2022 is coming to an end in hours no more days. Something we all should be grateful for. I know we began the year with setting goals and may have been able to achieve some and still pushing others.

I had plans for the year and one of them was bothering my finances and investment. I knew that I needed to save up a good part of my salary/stipends and start up a business before the year end. It was a plan that revolved around some teaching job.

But everything changed...

Year 2022 is a remarkable one in my investment and financial life. Around mid year, everything changed. My plans my focus. Hive was just a place for fun posting of my pictures daily just like we do on Facebook and Instagram but I read a post that changed my perception of the blockchain and everything changed. It was about Splinterlands and I took a decision to get serious and learn.

My engagement in the splinterlands community started with just reading related posts, commenting on them and then moved to writing some descriptive posts about the community. I then ventured into trying out the game and shared my experiences still as posts.

Two months down the line, I got interested in investment. It started with SPS staking and I grow my stake from 20 to 200 SPS staked.

At the launch of GLX airdrop, I started earning some fractions of GLX daily due to the amount of SPS I staked and then, my interest in GLX started.

I started buying GLX from 20 to 50 to 100 and now, counting quite close to 500 GLX staked. My last staked balance was 350 and that fetched me around 15 GLX in few days. I was inspired to do more.

My previous balances

GLX bought and transferred into wallet plus claimed GLX

105 GLX ready for staking

Yesterday. I claimed my GLX staking rewards, I bought some more and that summed my total liquid GLX to 105. I staked everything. This brings my total GLX staked to 457.185. I am just about 43 GLX away from 500.

My goal for this year end was initially 200 and then I pushed it to 300 and again pushed it to 500. I am sure that I can fill up the remaining 43 GLX that would require up to 5 Hive in the next 30 hours.

I'm 91% to my 2022 GLX investment Goal. I will sure hit 100%. At 500 GLX staked, I would have only invested $15 in Genesis league Sports and I will wait to see how things turn in 2023. It would be lovely to see $15 turn to $150 but then, I would have preferred to reach 1,000 GLX staked.

From the 1st of January 2023, I would monitor to know the worth of my daily earnings from staking GLX tokens.

Thank you to Splinterlands for making me to start investing in sports and that with ease.

Join Splinterlands Now

Thank you again to all the creators and developers on Hive. Thank you all my teachers here on Hive. Thank you for those who mark my scripts with their upvotes. I am happy to see that I am growing in understanding this environment, but more interesting is that I am paid to to learn on hive.

Thank you all, I love you.

I am @kingswill. Let's meet and greet.


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