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RE: I'm Pretty Much Done With Twitter, Focusing on LeoFinance, Peakd, and Dbuzz

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Joined Parler the moment I deleted my Twitter Account, 1st action, searched on the Tags #hive #hiking #cycling #newzealand #outdoors. Was pleasantly surprised to find like minded people. Oh how quickly that was short lived.

Like you I joined Twitter because of HIVE, to promote the blockchain.

Never used Facebook, family still can't understand why. No regrets there.

I get questioned all the time why do I use Linux, it cannot play any decent games. It plays, but here's the thing, I am moving away from big tech.

  • Browser: Brave (Google cookies, and others blocked)
  • Search Engine:
  • Alt Social Media: GAB, Minds, Bitchute. Been on these before getting involved with STEEMIT.

Taking a good look at YouTube, HIVE is making it more easier for me to ditch YouTube.

People make the platform, not the other way round!

Awesome post...


You're my kind of people.

Parler was short lived and what was done to deplatform that company is also unacceptable. We really need to start questioning the power these companies have over us and the internet.

I also love the Brave browser, I try to shy away from Google products as much as humanly possible, and love alternative social media sites.

People make the platform, not the other way round!

And this is exactly why I love our HIVE community! So true and well said. Thanks for commenting.


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I get questioned all the time why do I use Linux.

For me it's not about the games but I get questioned if I am a programmer or a hacker (the common conception of it apparently). I am not by a profession but I enjoy puzzle and linux is an interesting and interactive puzzle. I still play games. Thankfully, the games I like are available on linux. So, it never really an issue.

I use a lot of alternatives and alternatives front-end. I mentioned in the previous comment that I enjoy discovering these and I often write a short review about the apps I tried which are mostly open source and alternative software.