The Everything App – Who Makes it better? (Elon Musk’s Twitter VS Leofinance’s Project Blank)

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On October 4th 2022, Elon Musk made a Tweet about his desire to create X, the Everything app, following his purchase of Twitter. This tweet placed the whole social media and blockchain world in frenzy. Different analysis and projections were made about the undefined App, as well as the potential features it may have.

Elon did, however, hint at some of the features it will have: redesigning or rebranding the advertising system, long-form tweets, the already-implemented Blue verified, and the creation of a payment mechanism.

The idea of implementing payment system spurred many crypto “warriors” to place some buy orders for Dogecoin, Elon Musk’s favorite meme coin. By doing this, the value of Dogecoin skyrocketed, making people FOMO into buying the coin.

However, since Elon Musk hasn’t made any official statement about the mode of the payment system, the question still remains, will Elon integrate crypto (blockchain) as the payment system of Twitter or will he stick to the traditional means of payment?



Few hours ago, Elon Musk made a Tweet which he captioned “Slides from my Twitter Company Talk.”

In this tweet, he shared 4 images: the first two images show the data analysis of the increased activities in Elon Musk’s Twitter; and the last two images give us a glimpse into X, the Everything app.

Oh, sorry, X now has a name.


Twitter 2.0: The Everything App

Finally, Elon has shown us what he intends to put forward as the Everything App. These are the features which it possesses:



  • Advertising as Entertainment: Recall, we spoke about his intention to reshape or rebrand the advertisement system. However, we need to understand better about how this will work; will it be personalized ads such that twitter still uses your data to feed you with ads? Is my data still safe with twitter?

  • Video: Obviously, Twitter, as it is today, accepts Video uploads. However, from the whispers of Elon, I presume the Video aspect will be lucrative and beneficial for content creators. But, lets keep watching to see what it offers.

  • Encrypted DMs: The integration of encrypted DMs aid to provide security and privacy for direct messages sent between users.

  • Longform Tweets: This is one of the most celebrated additions to Twitter, as it will be beneficial to those who prefer to write long post instead of being restricted to 280 characters tweet.

  • Relaunch Blue Verified: Oh well, with a subscription of $8 per month you can get the blue verified tick on your twitter profile, granting you privilege to certain activities. (Don’t ask me the privileges, because I don’t know…lol)

  • Payments: ...

Yes! That is Elon Musk for you. He left the payment section blank!

Is this to put us in suspense? Or to make us buy more Dogecoin? Or did he encounter any challenge with the integration of blockchain/crypto because of the FTX saga?

Very soon, we shall know!



When Elon Musk spoke of his Everything App, there was a loud laughter in the Lion’s Den.

You wanna know why?

Well, Elon Musk presented his Everything App as something that was never heard of; as a “new creation”; a “new initiative.” But, here in the Lion’s Den, we are fully aware that Elon is far behind.

The Leoverse has been in existence for more than two years, and from the time of its existence till this moment it has witness massive growth and developments in all ramifications.

With the official release of LeoThreads on August 4th 2022, Leofinance presented itself as a worthy Twitter Killer, although it was at its beginning stage. However, with the massive updates witnessed, and the quest to present all features of the Leoverse into one single app, we see the King, Leo, standing up to acclaim its position as the king over the animals, including the birds (tweeter).



Presently, the Leoverse is undergoing massive restructuring of the UI to show forth this “Everything App” that Leo already has. (You can read more about it here)

You heard that, right?

Leofinance already has all the features to bring forth the Everything App into existence, however, this hasn’t been direct and intentional before. But, with what is being created under Project Blank, Leofinance sets to put the following features into one single app (The Everything App):

  • Social Media – Microblogging and Long form of blogging
  • Finance – Earning from content, micropayment and investments (DeFi)
  • Security - data is secured and all content are saved in the blockchain
  • Privacy - You don't need KYC to be on board.
  • Freedom - You own your account and have the freedom to do whatever you want. It is censorship resistant, and no one can suspend or terminate your account.
  • Web 3 (Blockchain) - It is built on Hive Blockchain; fast, scalable and feeless
  • Create and joining Communities - You can join communities that interest you.



In an attempt to compare the Everything App as pushed forward by Elon and that of the Leoverse, we shall look at certain themes and features in a tabular form.

ThemeFeatureTwitter 2.0Project Blank
Service ProvidedWeb ServiceWeb 2.0Web 3.0
Centralized or DecentralizedCentralizedDecentralized
Censorship Resistant?NoYes
Ownership of AccountPartial ownership of account (account can be suspended or terminated at any time)Full ownership of account (can neither be suspended nor terminated)
FreedomYou are free to do whatever Elon wants you to do (lol)Total freedom
PrivacyNo privacy of data; it collects your data and could sell themdata are private
Social MediaMicrobloggingavailable (Tweeter)available (leothreads)
Characters allowed280250
Image viewGrid ModeCarousel mode to be implemented
Long form of bloggingavailableavailable
Direct Messages between usersAvailable and securedNot available
Video Uploadsvideos can be uploaded directlyvideos can only be uploaded via 3rd party (3speak and Youtube)
Edit already posted contentStill working on itsuccessfully implemented
Finance RelatedPossibility to Earn from contentYes, for Celebrities and influencersFor everyone
Payment MethodNot known yetCryptocurrency
Investment possibilities in the serviceNoneNumerous
Presnece of DeFiNoneYes
Staking possibilityNoneLeo Power, Cub
Incentivesnothing official yetall accounts can incentivize others with their Leo Power (and hive Power)
ApplicationAndroid Applicationavailablestill building
IoS Applicationavailablestill building
User Interfaceeasy to comprehendapp being redesigned to improve user interface
Web viewavailableavailable
User Interfaceeasy to comprehendundergoing redesign
Other FeaturesPerson Profile and personalized infoavailableworking on it
Re-posting other user's postsRetweet availablere-thread not yet available
Conducting PollsAvailableNot available yet
active daily users> 100,000,000< 100
Special benefits to special usersTwitter blue grants special privilegeAll users have same privilege, however your stake increases your financial rewards


As it stands now, the Everything App envisaged by Twitter 2.0 and that of Project Blank obviously has different amazing and unique features. However, we may not be quick to fully place one above the other since they are both under development at the moment .

However, for the fact that Project Blank is built on a web3 Decentralized blockchain, it has a high position over the centralized Twitter. This is owing to the fact that with the Decentralized web 3.0 that Project Blank offers, you own your account (cannot be terminated or suspended), blockchain is immutable and you are absolutely free.

Even the bird in Tweeter is not entirely free!

Although, Twitter still has the numbers and the popularity, can Project Blank succeed in surpassing at least 1/100th of Twitter's active daily users?

Time will tell!

However, I have some questions to @leofinance @leogrowth. I believe these questions, amongst many others, are what we should expect from potential Microbloggers who aren't interested in the fight between Centralized or Decentralized services or the web2 - web3 saga. However, they just want a good Microblogging app that provides all the features they need, and many more:

  • Will Project Blank integrate the possibility to send direct messages between users?

  • Aside 3rd party services, will it be possible to upload videos directly on the app?


  • Twitter images from Elon Musk's tweet
  • Logo Collage property of: Hive Learners, Ecency, Leofinance, Hive, 3speak and Ksam.
  • Designs created and edited with Canva Mobile App
  • Images are screenshot of Twitter and


I may not be your favourite author, but you can journey with me to help me develop my writing skills. I am always open to criticism, correction and learning 🥰. (1).gif

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Interesting!!! This is really educative as always, I can see Elon Musk is putting in effort to make things better but not the best. Those are really nice features that have been added but then, the leofinance microblogging has so much more to offer and they achieved that in less than two years, wow!!!.

Thank you so much for this breakdown, at least I have know that Twitter is working hard, hehehe.

Yea, Elon Musk is trying his best to make Twitter better.

But the fact is that the world is heading to partial or full implementation of Blockchain in the coming years. Even if, right now, there are lots of negative forces preventing this.

Which implies that for Elon to actually make Twitter live up to the foreseeable future, he must integrate blockchain into it as either part of the payment method or something.

Another thing is about Consorship.

Everyone yearns for freedom; to live in a free world where you can air your view without being censored. Twitter doesn't offer full censorship right now.... your account can be terminated or suspended if you fuck up. In the coning years, he will need to tone down on censorship if he wants Twitter to be relevant in the future.

However, he is trying his best, no doubt, to give people a better experience of Social media. Let's see how things play out sha...

I am looking forward to the New Leofinance website and app. 😍😍😍

The guy is trying sha, but just like you have said if he implements blockchain partially or fully into it, then it will be more enticing, hehehe.

That censorship part sha, so many of us are really not okay with it, how can you suspend someone's account just like that? Well, I know it is for security reasons but then it's just too much.

Well, I'm not a leofinance person like before when I was trying to try, but let's see how the new website and app goes, hehe.

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No doubt, I have been educated today.

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I'm glad you gained something from this piece 🥰

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This is as interesting as it gets. Your post is what I call a well-written post. Topnotch credible information.

You are right. What Elon musk is about to do already exists in the Leo ecosystem and isn't the first of its kind. I fold my arms and get ready to watch how it unfolds but I already know where I stand.

Well done.

Do you think Leo Threads will be able to compete with Twitter in the near future?


To be realistic, it seems impossible.

However, there's nothing so impossible in this world where things happen surprisingly, especially when the product is a perfect answer or solution to a problem + good & strategic marketing.

Just like I said in this post, if Leothreads can gather 1/100th of Twitter's present active daily users, then Leothreads has achieved a great feat.

Vast population on social media aren't bothered about Blockchain, neither are they concerned about the Web 2 & web3 fight or the Centralization and Decentralization dichotomy.

They are just interested in a Social Media that works well for them. So, if Leothreads addresses this and markets the product like this... we will get a wider audience.

Blockchain integration and all the beauty will be an icing to the cake.

...there's nothing so impossible in this world where things happen surprisingly, especially when the product is a perfect answer or solution to a problem + good & strategic marketing.

You are absolutely right. And if you keep using it here, it could gain some momentum

Vast population on social media aren't bothered about Blockchain, neither are they concerned about the Web 2 & web3 fight or the Centralization and Decentralization dichotomy. They are just interested in a Social Media that works well for them...

I believe that in the upcoming months things are going to keep changing dramatically, and that can be an area of opportunity for Threads.

For me, the "deal breaker" with #Twitter and Elon would be the "Neuralink" experiment/project. I'm not in favor of any kind of transhumanistic experiment. Yes, it has some benefits, but there are so many open questions and maybe opportunities to use it wrongly.

Like everything the proof is in the pudding, I am not one for hype, when one of these is delivered then we can enjoy.

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