Preservation of Gaming or Piracy? | Cryptoholics Bits

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In this clip from the Cryptoholics podcast, we talk about the preservation of gaming through emulation & piracy.
Of course, we're having beers and takling about all the nerdiest topics as always.

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Have a great weekend frens!

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Good stuff man!
What beer was that? Bud?
A little constructive criticism, the guy on the right needs a mic.

Besides blockchain games, It's been a long time since I've played any games. Some time ago I was so addicted to Civilization games that it got out of control.

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I don't even remember. I did quite a few tequila shots though. Yeah, he has a really good mic but for some reason the audio came out weird.

Civilization and Age of Empires were my jam

Haha! Sounds like you had a good time!

Civilization and Age of Empires were my jam

Oh, Age of Empires was awesome.

I hate the entire DRM and anti-piracy crap. I just don't think the NFT will work out because the companies are profit first. In any case, my take is that every company should make a PC version of it and sell it on a store such as STEAM when the platform is no longer getting updates (i.e. new console comes out). That way, people can still buy and play it legally without having to go through all the trouble.

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