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RE: Legal Kidnapping: Britney Spears Had To Use Bitcoin

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LasseCash is proof of brain, I am not surprised that you didnt know that, its called proof of brain for a reason!! We both know your brain is tiny and fucked up !!! hahahahaha


My question was, is there a calculation that the witnesses has to perform like Bitcoin miners have to find a new hard prime number? But I think the answer is no, I am not sure though.

I understand the payout to the top 20, I even run a witness for Hive Engine that is top 24, but was top 20 a while back!


LASSECASH runs on DPOS and some other home brew that HE does.. You can call it POB or whatever the hell you want.. But the underlying tech is still DPOS at the root level.


You're a pseudointellectual trying to hold up a narrative with little to no experience in social engineering, please respond to my other comment about the context of your question.

do you know more about the DPOS algo, like what are the calculation needed to find a block in Hive and Hive engine?

I am confused about the context here.... along with these comments.