Leveling the Playing Field - LEO is Switching to a Linear Curation Curve

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LeoFinance has seen a lot of updates, changes and developments since the start of this year. More recently, we've gotten a lot more attention on our community and have been onboarding new users (on Hive and off of Hive) left and right.

While the fundamental developements - our new interface, new projects (i.e. LeoInfra), Uniswap listing, CoinGecko/CMC listings, etc. - keep chugging along, we also need to take a look internally at how our current rewards pool is valuing our authors and curators.

As it stands, the biggest issue with Proof of Brain - whether you look at Steem over the last 4 years or Hive or LeoFinance - is an issue of incentives.

Right now, autovoting is by far the most incentivized activity. For Hive, it means voting around 3 or 4 minutes to try and snipe the rewards before other votes come in after you.

On LEO, we don't have the reverse auction window for curation. This means that the current optimal time to vote is as close to 0 seconds as possible.

The incentive structure is geared toward autovoting. It's no wonder that Hive and LEO face major issues with too many autovoters and too little manual curators: you're incentivized to autovote because it's not only efficient for your time, it's also efficient because you actually earn more money as an autovoter.

Where does that "more money" come from? It comes from the manual curators who are actively adding value to the platform by spending their most valuable resource: time.

We're not here to talk down on people who autovote. It's clear that doing so is in your best personal interest but it is clearly not in the best interest of the platform. Nobody can blame anyone for doing what is in their best personal interest.

I've spent a lot of time talking with people and thinking about different curation setups. The primary question is:

How can we create a higher incentive for manual curation than autovoting?

In my mind, manual curation should be highly incentvized. Let's say that user x manually curates and user y autovotes.

We can all agree that user x adds more value to the platform by manually curating, but under the current structure, they are paid less rewards AND they're spending their time to manually curate good content.

Essentially, they are donating both time and money to the platform (and autovoters soak up the margins on both of these aspects by requiring 0 time and earning a % of the manual curators who vote after them).

You can see this on LEO and you can see this on Hive. Power users and curators like @theycallmedan manually curate on Hive even though it's not in their personal financial interest. He's giving up 10% or more of his curation rewards to autovoting frontrunners who add little-to-no value to the platform itself.

Flattening the Curve = Leveling the Playing Field

We have yet to come up with a great structure to make manual curation more beneficial than autovoting. What we can do, however, is flatten the curation curve.

What this means is that 1 upvote = 1 upvote = 1 upvote.

Under a flat curation curve, upvoting a post means that you get 50% of the value of your upvote and the author gets 50%. The curators who upvoted a post before you do not get any of your upvote.

So, if your upvote is worth 10 LEO, then you will get 5 LEO back when you upvote a post regardless of who voted that post before you.

This turns curation on its head. Instead of being a game to see who can vote the fastest on content that will get curated later on, it turns curation into a tipping economy. 1 Upvote = 1 tip. The value of which is determined by your LEO POWER (LEO that you have staked in your Hive account).

Right now, the top posts on LeoFinance look like this:


Again, this is not to call anyone out for autovoting. Autovoting is clearly in your best interest under the current setup. The earlier you can vote, the better for you personally.

While we haven't come up with a system to incentvize manual curators more from a financial perspective as opposed to autovoters (yet), we have come up with a way to level the playing field:

7 days from now, the flattened curve will take effect on all posts. This means that all posts upvoted from this post forward will be hit with a flat curation curve.

It means that manually curating will not be less financially beneficial than autovoting. Instead, the playing field (again, on a financial incentive level) will be equal.

Under this new structure, there is still a benefit to autovoting, but it is simply as a time saver and NOT as a way to earn higher rewards than manual curators:

  • When you vote will not matter.
  • Who votes before you will not matter.
  • How much a post is paying out when you upvote it will not matter.

Your upvote = your upvote.

Manual curation will now earn the same amount as auto curation. The difference is in how you want to add value to the platform. Do you want to automatically earn rewards on your stake (again, nothing wrong with that) OR do you want to actively curate and add an immense amount of value to LeoFinance by properly rewarding good content rather than upvoting as close to 0s as possible for an optimal reward.

A Non-Event?

Again, we've been discussing the curation curve for weeks now in the Leo Discord (and some people have been discussing it amongst themselves even longer than that). So far, it's been unanmously in favor of flattening the curve.

LEO stakeholders want LeoFinance to succeed. Many of us are already manually curating because we know that manual curation is how you reward good authors who make great content.

This change only "negatively" impacts autovoting - although, it doesn't really negatively impact autovoting... It's simply taking away the rewards that would otherwise be earned by the manual curators who actively spend their time to add value to LeoFinance.

Autovoters will still earn the same as everyone else. Their upvote still = their upvote. This change just means that they won't earn MORE than everyone else.

Wrapping it Up In Simple Terms: How Does This Impact You?

A lot of users might be confused by the whole discussion over curation curves (I remember this back when the EIP was released on Steem not too long ago which changed the rewards curve and confused everyone because it was poorly discussed and even more poorly implemented).

With this flattened curve coming to the LEO token rewards pool, all you need to understand is that we're removing the "curation game" of upvoting before other people.

When you see your upvote value on a post, you will actually earn 50% of the value you see and will not give up any % of your rewards to people who autovote before you.


If you use autovoters, then you will probably notice a slight drop in your overall curation rewards. This is because your autovotes are no longer earning a piece of the rewards from people who upvote after you. Again, you still have an incentive to use this as a time saver, but now you won't be earning higher LEO rewards than people who decide to spend their time to curate good content.

If you have any questions about this change, please leave a comment below or ask anyone in the community directly on Discord or Telegram.



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Switching to a Linear Curation Curve

Finally! That's exactly what I am suggesting since quite while! I wrote about my ideas for example here.

We're not here to talk down on people who autovote. It's clear that doing so is in your best personal interest but it is clearly not in the best interest of the platform.

Well, the one who thinks a little bit further should recognize very easily, that acting in the "best interest of the platform" actually IS the best way to serve their personal interest, too!
Unfortunately, so far HIVE is rewarding shortseighted behavior which is most harmful for manual curators but in the long term for all HIVE users and investors.

So far I completely missed the 'LEO train' but will observe it more closely from now on.

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One of the effects of this change will be that random voting will have the same apr as manual curation. Which could be a good thing or not (depending on what lense you are using to view it).

On the one hand it can inventivize voting on non popular authors since the opportunity cost of NOT front-running big votes will disappear.

On the other hand voting on low quality content will have the same earning potential as high quality pieces (from the curators point of view). So anyone can setup a bot and vote on anything.

Of course there is a small risk of losing curation rewards if what you are voting on gets downvoted but that can easily be countered by filtering for authors with a minimum reputation score.

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EDIT: Also voting on comments will have the same apr as voting on posts...oh and get ready for comment farming.

I just saw your post on it and commented there as well. Appreciate you taking the other side so we can debate these ideas:

  • Comment voting is actually not going to see any change whatsoever. It’s the same as it was before; still something that we will watch and actively flag and even mute abusers
  • sure, anyone could vote low quality content with a bot - but why would you? As a stakeholder of the LEO token, wouldn’t you at the very least set your autovoters to decent authors? You’re no longer disincentivized to vote for anyon, so why would you choose to vote for bad content?
  • you also bring up a good point: people who choose to abuse our rewards pool will have to be mindful of the potential downvotes. Once they get caught, downvoting bad stuff that they’re voting on will be easy to continually pick up on and we’ll make their APR go down significantly by removing those rewards. Again - why risk it when you can just set an autovoter to 10 consistently decent authors and forget about it altogether (if you want to go full auto route)

The truest point in all this is that the old system (and the very same system employed on hive) is so broken that it’s hard to go backwards. This step is 100% going to make curation better. Not perfect, but better than the old system.

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To be honest I am not opposed the change, my mind just automaically starts to look at ways that things can be broken and I try to see all the possible ramifications. I guess that comes from so many years of playing chess.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, I think that’s a very useful way to look at issues like this — and why you have a good mind for chess. I wish you were around in discord when we discussed the changes a few weeks back.

Hopefully next time we can catch you before a change is committed to. I also like to think of the ways in which something can go wrong. With this change though, I can’t seem to find a negative. The old system is simply so broken, it’s hard to go backwards.

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Since I only manually curate on Leofinance, I guess I get a raise. 😁

One of the biggest advantages to this is the simplicity of the system. Crypto is tough enough without adding more complication.

I like the idea of telling someone that their reward for curating is 50% of whatever their vote is worth. Thus, it is easy to figure out.

I will have to mull over the idea of tipping but it is an interesting concept to play with mentally.

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I agree this is a great change.
Hope to see Hive follow suit.

You're certainly right on this.

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This is brilliant. The curation race only made sense when we had a quadratic reward curve, all the way back when. If you have both a quadratic reward curve AND a content discovery race, you gamify curation.
With a linear reward curve, there's no point in discerning good content early.
We've had the worst of both worlds on Hive for years now. Great move.

IMHO, this is extremely good move.
I support this change 100%

I always wanted to do my curation manually. To give good boost to those authors which I think deserve it. Who makes good posts, and puts large effort in it
But... I was kind of FORCED to use autovoter. Why ? Just to make best possible profits for myself
So many times I walked away from a good post without voting....just because I found it to late, seeing it already holding 100+ LEO's collected.

My voting power is not unlimited, so why waste it in less effective way, when I can do it on other post with bigger returns?


And remember, I will not hesitate to smash that upvote "heart" with my 100% power on a good COMMENT, once I see such.
Commenting is just as important as all the authoring posts on the root level.

I was going to increase my stake back to a round number today (100K). Unfortunately Hive nodes rejecting actions at the moment
So will do this unwrapping tomorrow.
On the plans - increase my voting stake back to 150K or more.
Plus - all my LP bounties will be staked to. Every two weeks !

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Great to hear big players are liking this change and will use it!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

i never walked away after reading the post that i liked and not voting on it, but i am stupid like that.

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This will be a big improvement. Even if I selfvote I increase my VP and authors get higher rewards from my vote. And with one post per day, I still have 9 votes. But I won't probably even waste my time posting.

Now back to voting.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Manually curating is better than ever. Anything you vote on from this post forward will be paid out under the new curve.

We've removed the disincentive for manual curation. Now we're all on an even playing field and if we want to see LEO grow and be successful as a platform for great content, we need to spread stake to great content.

You already have done a great job of this as a manual curator. Now this just means that you'll be better rewarded for adding value to this platform. 🦁

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I'm doing this since August 2016, but I finally have a feeling that this is it.

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Excellent news! I can finally kill my AV and just switch to manual. I've never understood the rationale behind encouraging people to front run, I feel for years now it just means I have to engage in activity that's harmful for the platform in order to maximise my return.


I wonder if the Hive witnesses will follow suit - I think too many of them detest bloggers to give a shit!

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This may also have a positive effect on comments, as they are open again for (little) upvots that earn curation and are payed out without threshold. Or am I wrong with that?

This is a great decision. While it is important that investors can earn - the core concept of the Austrian model - I think in recent years Hive has tailored its mechanics too much towards the investor side. A creator needs to know that their 2,000+ words CAN have the potential to earn a decent hourly rate. Otherwise you're going to end up with 450-550 words max on average. That's not even good enough for Google anymore.

And if earnings are too low no serious (freelance) creator will consider the platform as it publicly devalues their rate.

I wish to suggest one further evolution tho: a curve rewarding vote stacking but only on the best rewarded content - the threshold should be very high, like 400-450LEO at least in current distribution.
This could stimulate whales to actually look for that super awesome, and valuable, content rather than also consider a more philanthropic distribution.

There is a risk of pooling votes but at the same time the community will be vigilant with downvotes if an everyday brain fart gets rewarded +100LEO.

I think this could be trialed in a beta frontend which applies the stacking curve as a note on rewards, and is observed for few months, but without already being applied on Leo itself.

When appended to a linear curve there is no reason why whales wouldn't stack votes, but will they make truly awesome content moon and thus become potentially attractive to new, other finance authors. For smaller stakeholders this would slightly diminish their rewards but only a rather rare occasions. If it becomes a more frequent thing it will mean that Leo will have become a finance outlet with much more respectability than Business Insider and that will be reflected in token value.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

I love this, great going!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Autovoters will still earn the same as everyone else. Their upvote still = their upvote. This change just means that they won't earn MORE than everyone else.

It was about time this happened ( says a guy who has been manually voting, curating and commenting for over 3 years ) and I guess it could only be this community to come up with this brilliant fix.

You keep surprising me in the best possible way. Cheers!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Thanks @vincentnijman! I'm excited to see how this plays out. It will definitely make manual curators/engagers happy :)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Same here. Have a good one and keep up the great work!✨

Haha a bit later than I wanted, but we had to get through a lot of other stuff. This whole week has a new announcement scheduled for every single day.

Exciting times :)

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Shut up and pump it!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Since I am a manual curator I think this is going to be interesting, it also seems like a drive to keep a more active stake if you are going to compete for fir these rewards from curating. Keen to see how this plays out now and encourages me to keep staking

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I think this is a huge win for everyone. Even the autovoters - if you hold LEO stake, you want LeoFinance to succeed. In order for LeoFinance to succeed, we need great content creators to be rewarded for great content.

I'm excited to see this play out. I think other communities (and Hive itself) will follow suit at some point. Let's lead by example 🦁

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

So if you have no Leo in an account right now.
you will have to buy some or starting posting to earn?

Will it still be possible to Earn LEO starting at Zero with manual curation?

Zero stake, so zero vote. Multiply zero by 1/2 ( 50%) and what do you get?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I understand that.
What I am saying is originally people could earn that way. (No stake and manual curation)

Now we are moving to a system where you have to Buy or Produce content.
I am not disagreeing with this, just clarifying.

You statement was very arrogant and hostile for a simple question.

What I am saying is originally people could earn that way. (No stake and manual curation


Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

So if you have no Leo in an account right now.
you will have to buy some or starting posting to earn?

Yes, and stake it too.

Will it still be possible to Earn LEO starting at Zero with manual curation?

No, you need some Leo staked first. But you can earn it through comments on LeoFinance posts too, if your comments get upvoted. It doesn't have to be a full post.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Given you a vote so you can start of with a tiny bit of LEO :)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Although I have set up my autovote to just one community. It is clear the importance of manual curation. Manual curation not only means the person un question is doing the job by him/her_self. It also proves the user is actually consuming the content which is what we are lakcking. A lot of content creators. Little people that really consume it or engage. Keep Up the good fight!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I think this will be a great change for engagement. It encourages all of us to be better at manually curating and distributing stake to good creators rather than just upvoting stuff that gets a lot of upvotes.

I'm excited to see how the engagement changes over the next couple of weeks as people readjust! :)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

This is cool because not only will it do what you have said but also the same authors will not get all the rewards all the time because it wont matter who you tip, popular author or non popular author it will all be the same. Yes this is a great idea. well done.

I would love to see rewards spread out more. Right now everyone’s best interest lies in autovoting the same top 15 authors.

The same goes for hive in most cases.

As a stakeholder, we want the platform to grow and that means we need to tip good content. Now you won’t get penalized for doing what’s good for the platform — tipping good content regardless of the post payout number.

I’m excited to see a positive change here.


Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I welcome this change and I hope other also implement it. but it need to be time bound.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Why do you think it should be time bound? We already have a 7 day period for all the posts that are created.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I just want to confirm if they have thought scenario of last minute voting.

Ah got it. 👍

Others will be able to see it play out on LEO and decide if its a positive or negative for their community/Hive itself. I think we'll show increased engagement and better rewards distribution.

Time will tell, but it seems pretty obvious that this is a positive change for every LEO stakeholder :)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I think this is the right way to fix some problems, hopefully HIVE adopt it as well

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I think so too. I think this is a step in the right direction toward better rewards for manual curation. I have some other ideas to favor manual curators more than autovoters, but we'll have to build some models and think about it long and hard.

For now, this makes autovoting and manual curation = in terms of rewards. Now the question is whether you want to save time and earn passively or actively benefit the platform by curating manually. Much better IMO

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It was all peanuts to me in absolute amounts but using autovote gives me 9% return and when I painstaking read and upvote based on "quality" I made 5%. That feels crazy indeed but rules are not mine to discuss. If you can change it a little it woudl be great I guess. (And I still upvote this post although late)

Same here. It makes you feel some type of way tbh

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Man, things just keep getting interesting on LeoFinance damn great team.

I enjoy manual curating and I can’t wait to do it full time knowing I can finally reward many different creators and still dish out votes and still earn.

Reason I use my main account to curate Leo posts. I am starting to get FOMO x 1000

Big things coming to this platform, don’t get left behind still hella cheap.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Nothing sounds better than this. Let everyone earn but no one should earn more than the other in doing the same thing. I'm glad that the competition in curating has been removed. And now, when you vote doesn't have to matter.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

This is indeed a great development around the LEO ecosystem and I'm hopeful that sooner, other tribes and even Hive main chain would find a good reason to adjust accordingly. It's a great way to encourage manual curators. I personally give in about 7 hours daily for curation of posts which is majorly Leofinance and Sportstalksocial since that's where my stake gives tangible value. That's a lot for me. I will be glad to give as much time to curation as long as it helps grow the system.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I have been talking about this as well.


We all talk about the parameters of the curation game, and forget to ask is gamifying necessary at all?

All stake is equal and should earn the same. The current system is so complicated its crazy. If we want the masses try explaining them that :)

The only parameter that might need to stay are the downvotes to prevent abusive self voting.

Gamifying curation in theory is a great concept, but has failed for now :)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Curators will be inspired because of this change. They spend their time to curate content but they earn less curation rewards. It seems like a punishment. But it's not any more on LeoFinance. Thank you for everything you do.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Wow, this is certainly great news! Of course, I say this from the perspective of being someone who curates 100% manually. And it seems fitting that the LeoFinance community — which seems to have become a leader in community development — is where this leveling of the playing field is happening! Well done!

I think what appeals to me the most is that the underlying philosophy here is about how we create value in the community — how do we create a version of LeoFinance that's attractive to potential new users, and recognizes that "attractive" can mean a lot more than just numbers on a spreadsheet. This was always my beef with both Steem and Hive: the way rewards were structured seemed short sighted and failed to take into account the value of what makes a place "something people want to become INVOLVED with."


Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I'm assuming post payouts are still 7 days and that upvote after 7 days aren't paid out?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I believe that this is a change that was needed and I've seen great members like @taskmaster4450 putting up the work, curating and commenting back while there would be complete silence from some other big users on the platform. I would empower such curators maybe with some incentives aside because manual curation is the one that ensure organic growth and shows the new members how things should be done around here.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It’s too late for Tuesday’s upcoming hard fork, but I hope that this move is a catalyst for the Hive community as a whole to consider such a change for the next HF.

Good. Now I don't need to understand the complex intricacies of voting and rewards gamification. It's 50 50. Simple. Like it.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

If this is not done at all #hive, it means that the great winners of always, do not want to do the right thing, good move!

I really like this new development...I appreciate all the hard work you have been doing to make LEO an outstanding platform.

When I do content on crypto or my experiences with trading, I will be sure to post on here. Curating is my main focus at the moment but I am more & more impressed with LEO. So, thank you & sending you best wishes. :)🧡

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I manually curate more than do autovoting I think we will see more manual curators emerge and begin to notice exciting new content creator. Let me also add that incentivizing manual curation will also help spread More reward.

I am an autovot because I read previous posts by my selected authors. I am in favor of manual curation👏. Great idea, not a rat race. I think you need to pay attention to the comments and their value and reward them as well. Time to turn autovote off! Thank you for this news and update🙏

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Hmmn I think I like it....let's see how this goes

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It will sure go well.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

This is fair. I've always been a manual curator and I consume content and upvote it. I'm aware of the curation curve and all that stuff but I just ignored it to reward content I enjoy because it is about the author. However, flattening the curve is only fair for many people like me who just want to enjoy content and vote.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

This is brilliant So happy to see Leo leading the way yet again. I hope, this will also happen on Hive. I've never liked autovoting especially when it becomes curation squatting even though I am in receipt of some myself. If we want to be taken seriously by Content creators the content must always come first. This is a good step in that direction.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

This has been a long standing debate on Hive/Steem too, and I am glad to see @leofinance is trying this out. Everything that helps manual curators over bots is a big win in my opinion.

love the change!

Looking forward to seeing how this plays out, hopefully for the best.

When I was modding the sports tribe there was a lot of late self-voting (on comments) which took time to counter, hopefully folks will play nice but if they don't, downvotes will appear.

I like the change! I prefer manual curation with some autovotes

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

super duper excited! good job guys; I think this should be implemented on HIve as well!

love this change, I think he is a role model in the rest of the hive.

well, I have been doing both, autovoting and curating manually so for me I guess it will stay roughly the same.
And currently it makes even less of a difference since I have all my leo in the pool :-)

I do approve of making things easy though. I know on HIVE there is such a thing as a dust vote, is this the same on LEO or not? I hope not, that would make it even more fair

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Excellent decision, it is the fairest thing, then, it is very true what you say "time is our greatest capital", which this improvement that recognizes the praiseworthy work of manual curators

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I am very pleased to see this step being taken @leofinance! As a mere dolphin on the Hive blockchain (meaning my opinion counts for very little ...), I have "engaged" on this issue over the EIP changes of HF 21 / 22 over and over again. For the reasons you cite, it is a "no brainer" on the negative impact it has had on curation ...

And ... Yet ... 🤔 On and on it goes ... 🤷‍♂️ Any intellectually honest person can ask themselves why it was ever put into place to begin with (yes, I read the original arguments and disagreed with them ...) and, more importantly, why they are still in place, once the obvious came to light, as you have described here in this post.

It will be interesting to me to see what effect this has on our Hive blockchain. In particular, whether or not you get any uhhh ... "push back" on taking this step.

I hope this news "get out" quickly and, as a result, we begin to see a return to taking the time to compose good replies / comments. If time is invested in them, they can add considerable value to the original post. Choosing to vote them will no longer be penalized, as least as far as the curator's LEO rewards ...

Great decision. Keep up the good work! 🦁👍

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I think that this is a welcomed development that has the potential of turning more attention to quality posts with less rewards. We should now have a system in which people will vote more for contents that they really love instead of looking out for trending posts that will fetch more curation rewards.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Anything that incentivises quality, original content to be written is the right move.

I don't think some of the big-boys are going to touch their auto voters because they cbf (unfortunately), but at the same time hopefully it will encourage the middle class to manually curate the better content.

See how it goes.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

hallelujah !

Major improvement imo, I really like the tipping idea in a linear way without a voting window. Everyone will no longer be 'forced' to auto-upvote posts they know will do well because it's economically the most beneficial. The next step imo is to find a way to somehow separate post values from what gets onto the trending page.

** one more thing though, is it possible to somehow disconnect hive upvotes from Leo upvotes.
From what I understand, now there is only the option of the multiplier. Unless you make a separate account just for Leo upvotes (which is extremely inconvenient and time-consuming) it remains quite difficult to both manually browse and upvote on the leofinance platform if you have a lot of Hive staked without getting screwed over by the non-linear system there.

Great to see the platform is moving forward, Keep up the great stuff!

I use a combination of Auto voting and manual curation. Interestingly, blocktrades has floated the idea of flat-voting for maybe an hour or two before the vote-early-get-more rewards kick in. I pointed out how that might be gamed, but the game isn't terrible because it results in the bots amplifying manual curators.
A totally flat (tipping) reward is cool too. The only thing one need to to maximise returns to to never let the LEO VP capoff at 100%. The community is vibrant enough now that there's enough good stuff to vote on, so yeah, it should work fine. Flat rewards are much easier to understand too.
Flat curation is one step closer to the idea that some have of removing all author/curator rewards from HIVE (tribes can keep them) and instead just awarding a portion of the inflation to stakeholders. The idea being that a lot of energy is lost in playing autovote curation games that might better be spent elsewhere. With flat rewards, just never capoff your LEO tribe VP and you're getting max rewards denominated in LEO.

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What a fantastic idea. From someone who has been engaging with Steem and Hive for over 3 years, this has always been a bane for getting people to manually curate great content. Great move team!

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Congratulations LEO team! I am sure that this change will be the best for the community. More people will be more encouraged to curate.

Looking forward to seeing more LEO accounts grow. Forward!

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Dude they should hire you guys as decentralized directors of HIVE😄 Killing it is an understatement.

LEO Finance is great

Many of us are already manually curating because we know that manual curation is how you reward good authors who make great content.

As many know, I have always been a critic of auto-upvoting. I understand why folks do it as you have discussed in this post. I have done it in the past as well.

I am really excited about all of your innovations. Now I have to fire a witness to make room for you on my block-producer list!

Wonderful job you folks are doing. Many thanks!

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LEO Finance is great

Many of us are already manually curating because we know that manual curation is how you reward good authors who make great content.

As many know, I have always been a critic of auto-upvoting. I understand why folks do it as you have discussed in this post. I have done it in the past as well.

I am really excited about all of your innovations. Now I have to fire a witness to make room for you on my block-producer list!

Wonderful job you folks are doing. Many thanks!

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This news comes at a very opportune time as it is a great opportunity to showcase leofinance community and the content it creates to the world.
Specially as new investors would be keen to study the leofinance token and model as they invest into Leo/ wLeo and hopefully become long term supporters of the project.
This could mean that good manually curated content would be able to score some extra brownie points.

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Content is king and what better time to reinforce this in the community when we want the world to take note of the Leo - wLeo opportunity.

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Bravo! This is something many people talked about. There is no motivation (or enough time to evaluate new post) for manual curators right now if the autovoting has all the advantages.

Glad to see the change and hope it plays well. 👍

At the moment, I’m not sure what this change will mean for me. I am in a couple of curation trails because there is content mainly from the communities of which I am a member, everything else, when I read blogs I do it manually, so if I like something in the post then I comment and vote. It's time consuming, yes. But...

After all, content exists to be read, listened to, watched. Good, basically not good but quality content can be seen by the number of interactions or comments between readers / listeners / viewers (and here I do not mean comments such as "thank you", "good photo" and the like) ... 😎

that new now I don't have to worry about not getting a good curation reward

Whoa! As a manual curator this is welcome change. Sometimes its hard to keep up the manual cuartion, knowing well that the autovotes are soaking most of the rewards kind of devaluate the time and effort one puts into curating good content.
Thanks for doing the innovations that will keep hive growing and supprting manual curation and the people behind it.

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Your post is wonderful and that's why it has been manually curated for #adiwathrive by @acurewa

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Happy to see this move. It's a step in the right direction.


I personally love this change. I'm mainly a manual creator who use auto voting as a backup to keep my VP reaching 100% It's great to see LEO platform respecting what I do. I've made a poll just to see responses from others. You can check it out here: https://dpoll.io/detail/@d-zero/do-you-support-linear-curation-curve-of-leofinance

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