Did anyone say "Use cases for discord roles"?

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Since LPUD began a few months ago, we've seen a lot of Lions upgrading their rank in the Leo Pride and it's been an amazing journey so far with hundreds of members of the community Powering up almost one million Leo tokens. That's more than 7% of the total $leo supply and in case you are not familiar with tokenomics, that is huge for just a single initiative in the whole LeoVerse of initiatives.

As some of you might have already noticed, we've been taking the discord roles more seriously lately, doing some updates, giving the Lions who power up their new roles, and overall looking for ways to gamify these roles and at the same time incentivize our community members to stake more $leo and get more involved with the community initiatives.

This takes us to our first step of gamifying the amount of skin in the game our Lions have in the LeoVerse.

Leo Finance Pride Rank


It's pretty easy for Lions to climb the ranks in the pride, all it takes is to power up Leo tokens thus increasing their skin in the game and showing their commitment and long term mindset on the LeoVerse.

As of today, we have five different ranks within the pride and - currently, expect surprises soon - they are pretty well defined depending on how much Leo Power a user is holding.

  • Newborn cub - 2k Leo Power
  • Cub - 5k Leo Power
  • Lion - 15k Leo Power
  • Leader of the Pack - 50k Leo Power
  • Apex Lion - 150k Leo Power

The middle class of Leo Finance is incredibly strong, getting stronger with every LPUD, and looking to overtake the amount of Leo tokens powered up by the Apex Lions.

A project is only as strong as its middle class, and we are slowly building a cohesive and strong middle class here at leofinance.io

So, what about those "Use cases for Pride Ranks"?

We have a lot in store in the short term the future, but we wanted to let you know about the small use cases we are enabling as of right now.

If you have a the role, you are eligible to:

Newborn Cub

  • Claim Leo Tasks allowing the Lion to generate post rewards and help the LeoVerse in the process.
  • Drop one post on the #loud-roars channel on the Leo Finance discord server once a month. This post must be published using leofinance.io and must be of the highest of qualities, it will be curated accordingly by the curation team.
  • Participate in every LPUD and be eligible to win massive delegations until the Lion hits 20k Leo Power.


  • Publish one "The Daily Leo" edition once per month, allowing the Lion to get more visibility through our newsletter, increase their post rewards and help the LeoVerse in the process. Send @leogrowth a DM on discord to coordinate this.
  • Get an extra drop on #loud-roars (Two per month in total).
  • Be part of the AMA warm-up show. More details on this soon.
  • All of the Newborn Cub rights.


  • Moderate a Community Page
  • Have your own Leogrowth sponsored contest. Just send @leogrowth a DM on discord to learn the details.
  • Host your own show on the soon to launch LeoTV. More details on this, well, soon.
  • Get two extra drops on #loud-roars (Four per month in total).
  • All of the Newborn Cub and Cub rights.

Leader of the Pack

  • Drop High quality posts from other lions on the channel #worthy-roars and the curation team will act accordingly, striving for a more decentralized curation.
  • All of the Newborn Cub, Cub and Lion rights.

Apex Lion

  • Nothing, you are already too powerful.
  • Just kidding, we have something massive prepared just for you, just not yet.

This is just the beginning, we have a lot in store for our Pride Ranks in the upcoming months, but we just couldn't keep this for ourselves any longer. If you have any ideas for any of the pride ranks, leave a comment here or write leogrowth on discord!


1. For the #loud-roars and #worthy-roars rights, the curation team reserves the right to ignore posts of low quality, plagiarized, re-worded, or that is clearly milking the Hive and Leo reward pools. The curation % completely depends on the curator's criteria and a vote is never guaranteed.
2. The #loud-roars and #worthy-roars does not substitute the normal, daily leo.voter curation. This is just a tool for Lions to get more visibility and traction on an incredible post, we trust that our community members will not game this system otherwise, the team reserves the right to give temporary or permanent bans on these discord channels. The curation % completely depends on the curator's criteria and a vote is never guaranteed.
3. To publish a The Daily Leo edition, be part of the AMA warm-up show, moderate a Community Page, get your contest sponsored by Leogrowth, or host your own show on LeoTV, just write @leogrowth#5852 a discord message.
4. If you have the Leo Power required but you don't have a role - we might have missed it - you can always write @leogrowth#5852 and let us know!

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Now, this is some great stuff. Creating that Hierarchy type thing among the community this may what the users be trying to climb up there work for it.
A good motivational thing to see.

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I really love this and keep up the good Initiative going.

Cool new roles which I think would come like a glove paired with some NFTs ;)) The Apex Lion surely would look awesome as an NFT and the others will show some strength as well. Hopefully, we can see that in the Sooniverse!

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Improvement and development everyday... this is great

I just went ahead to check my Leo rank in the discord server, I'm close to 10k already. Great initiative @leogrowth

What a timing, I was wondering how did Leo's nomenclature worked, since minnows and dolphins and the such wouldn't make much sense. Now I know! Working on being a newborn, almost halfway there. 😉

I love the way improvement is happening every day in this community. But as for the good quality of Lion's post, I tried my best to make good content and yet the effort went unnoticed so is there something am missing out? @leogrowth
I believe that if I am not afraid to ask questions, I will also learn how to improve my writing

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As a cub I approve!

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Wow! Let's get the Lion party started. xD

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More reasons to be an Apex Lion ASAP 🦁

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This is interesting. Hopefully, I'll be a Newborn cub by the end of the year and will keep on my way to becoming a lion next year :)🦁

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Should these roles be changed to only those with staked LEO?

So stop including those in LPs.

What is your thinking around including them alongside those with staked LEO?

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oh damn way to gamify discord! fuck yes

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My Rank is Farting Lion


This is amazing, thank you! How cool it is that we can now have a ranking in the den! Another reason to keep raising our stakes! Let's roar!

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Getting bigger and bigger everyday!
I'm glad to be in this league

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This is a nice initiative and I hope it will encourage more people to power up and achieve higher roles. Even I want to be the lion soon.

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This is great initiative. It will help more users to grow very fast on hive.