LeoGlossary Engagement 1/30/23

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Here is the post for the Daily Leo Talk. This was originally set up in preparation for the upcoming Microblogging features; a place to start conversations, posts charts, memes, trades, or anything else that comes to mind.

Since we now have "Twitter on the Blockchain it is time to repurpose Leomarkettalk.

It is now tied to LeoGlossary, the decentralized database being built on Hive focusing upon cryptocurrency, finance, investments, and business.

There are a few use cases:

  • place all comments and idea about LeoGlossary. This can includes words you want to see added to the database along with other things to make the project better.

  • drop links to your posts that have the links in them. These could be voted as we want to support those who utilize the database with greater rewards.

  • we will be dropping updates on terms that were added to and new ones posted.

  • let us know if you find a LeoGlossary post ranking on Google so that the rest of us can start to support it.

Glossaries to put to use:

We have thousands of terms that can be linked. Our next goal is to get this over 5,000.

We are always looking for more people to help out with the project. If you have a desire, let us know.

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ECB further expanded.

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Added mint to the glossary.

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Very helpfull content!!!

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @kaibagt ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

Just added seigniorage to LeoGlossary.

We are expanding things.

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I made a recent post with a bunch of LeoGlossary terms; @young-kedar/exploring-the-theory-behind-cryptocurrency

And here are some word suggestions that I think could be added to LeoGlossary;

  • Computing power
  • Adoption
  • Resources
  • Invention
  • Anonymous/Anonymity

i made about battle weekly challenge in splinterlands using several LeoGlossary terms :

Maybe need to add dec-b / decb word.

You need to do them out of Leoglossary.

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oh ic, only the words in the parent of leoglossary can be used, not in the splinter glossary....

I added coin clipping to the Glossary.

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Debasement was also put in there.

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