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Yeah, I need to check that out asap

Decks, I saw that feature this morning too, but I guess I didn't give more attention to it, but will definitely check again now.

Ecency lanza dos importantes novedades que cambiarán tu forma de relacionarte en Hive. ¡Sube el nivel!

#decks #waves #ecency #spanish

Breaking news Ecency just announced they are going to support short form content like threads

#Threads #ecency #waves #leofinance

Mmmm... very interesting! Let's see how this works out!

Good news.

Awesome, I want to believe that Leofinance is definitely influencing other frontend ideas too

That's really nice. I remember goodkarma seems to have mentioned they are going to create similar feature to LeoThreads a few months ago. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, we asked feedback and everyone seemed eager. So we added along with Decks - Social Dashboard and Waves (short content) feeds. You can view short-content feeds from both leothreads and dbuzz, also can post into all.

That's truly amazing! Continuing innovation and adaption! Will be checking it out. Thank you.

You are always welcome

Awesome updates from @ecency team, for the web version

Deck 2.0

Ecency wave!!!

#gosh #hive #alive

Yeah, I saw that update need to check it out

It's an interesting update worth checking

Yeah, for sure man

This update is massive. Hive never stops!

I believe it will make the use of Ecency even better. :)

Yes, it will. At least we believe that.


Just uploaded another CTT Podcast Video with ENG SUB :)

Get Rewarded for Pinning 3Speak Videos

Link in comments 👇

#hive #gosh #threads

Just shared it on Twitter as usual. I have to study what pinning is.

Plant Power Vegan rewards earned from May 16 to May 22, 2023 (We give back 100% of the rewards to our delegators)

#vegan #food #gosh #foodie #foodies

But also my outgoing votes has @taskmaster4450le in the top1 and my friends @andrewmusic and @rmsadkri in the top5 #stats #peakd

Any room for a little sloth? We love burning tokens, smash that upvote, burn more tokens, get your curators rewards and make everyone tokens/votes more valuable :D

Done friendly sloth!

What's the stats all about?

Outgoing votes

thank you 💰

Spend more time on what gives you energy and less of what takes it away.

#Threads #life #motivation

straight facts

Love you so much stay blessed

Like threading. 🤣😂

Do cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin really matter now since we have smart contract platforms that can do the same value transfer, plus a whole lot more?

Most people have exchanged their flip phones for smartphones...

It does not happen like that. Here one does not make the other obsolete just because they added sophisticated features like smart contracts in Blockchain. BTC will remain relevant in crypto as long people are willing to make it relevant.

I agree, but will the newbies be more interested in Bitcoin, or the others that are faster, cheaper, and have more functionality? BTC dominance has been trending down for years now...

Big time they do. Bitcoin is pretty much the standard of what everything else is based off of. I'd also say Ethereum is as well. Litecoin and dogecoin though all hype nothing there.

I would say that Bitcoin still carries some weight but LTC is a lot less. Perhaps Mimble Wimble is something that could give LTC utility.

DOGE never really held much use for me.

Those coins will matter for as long as there are still at least two people running nodes for them on their hardware.

LTC has certain practical applications, Dogecoin does not.

1\🧵 Cuba es tambien conocida por su deliciosa comida criolla y tradicional. La cocina cubana es una mezcla de influencias indígenas, africanas y españolas, lo que resulta en una deliciosa variedad de sabores y platos. #spanish

10\🧵 Podemos concluir en que la comida criolla es muy valorada en la cultura cubana y es considerada como una parte importante de la identidad nacional. #spanish

2\🧵 Los platos mas conocidos son: El arroz con pollo, los moros con cristianos y el congrí. Los moros con cristiano son con frijol negro y el congri con frijol colorado.#spanish

3\🧵 Los platos basados en carne: La carne es un importante ingrediente en la cocina cubana. Los más populares son la ropa vieja, el lechón asado, el picadillo a la habanera, y el tasajo. #spanish

4\🧵 Las costas cubanas ofrecen una gran variedad de mariscos frescos que se usan en muchos platos. Algunos de estos platos son el camarón enchilado y la langosta a la parrilla. #spanish

5\🧵 De los platos vegetarianos los mas conocidos son: Los tostones rellenos de vegetales, jamos, queso... el tamal de maíz y la rica yuca aderezada con mojo y chicharrones.#spanish

6\🧵 La comida criolla y tradicional cubana es tambien conocida por su combinación única de sabores. Algunos de los sabores más comunes son: #spanish

7\🧵 El cilantro: Una hierba aromática que se utiliza mucho para sazonar potajes y arroces.#spanish

8\🧵 El comino: Una especie que se utiliza en muchos platos para darles un sabor terroso y picante.#spanish

9\🧵 La naranja agria: Una fruta que se utiliza como adobo y para hacer el mojo cubano, una salsa que se usa en marinar y sazonar carnes. #spanish

Este threadstorm simplemente activó mi hambre jajaja. Se nota muy deliciosos los platos que mencionas, sobre todo el vegetariano, que no sé por qué lleva jamón, pero comámoslo igual :p

Excelente el conocimiento que tienes al respecto.

jajaja, tienes razon, he puesto un plato vegetariano con jamón, se me fue, pero es poquito jamon igual se lo pedes quitar jajaja

Thanks for sharing. I will read it later.


This project seems to be taking forever and going no were. I'm hoping dan and the gang start to speed things up and implement some real user facing updates that start benefiting all of hive. Otherwise it feels like a money pit.

Bout to watch the Super Mario movie

I thought it was great.

glad to hear.

What'd you think?

still watching but thoroughly enjoying

That is very deep.

I wouldnt try something that mentally challenging.

i'm really struggling

I hear you. I wouldnt take on such an onerous challenge.

the movie was actually great lol

For all who are waiting...

boom time? AGAIN?!?!?! always during the little hours, or big ones, i guess it depends where you buzz from!

missed it time and again. Need a bit of luck.

"Explore" has been changed to "Articles". Thanks!

Look at the publish window.

Yes, I just checked it earlier and I love how it looks. I will test it later.

100k coming this year??

For #pept !lol

I watched a documentary on Marijuana last night…
…that’s probably how I’ll watch all documentaries from now on.

Credit: reddit
@bitcoinflood, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @fjworld



Reading this motivates me to buy $PEPT:

Project ePayTraffic is about creating a traffic exchange community token, #PEPT that can be used to do what bitcoin was suppose to do and more.

Any date for the token sale?

No scheduled date at this time.

A quote before tapping out!
From Dan Peña

(I'm on fire today sorry lolol)

Success is like being pregnant, everyone says congratulations but nobody knows how many times you were fucked.

That sounds like Dan. lol

28 threads in 2 hours, is not bad.

not at all

Yeah, despite too many interruptions.

Looks like you don't want to be distracted from your #LeoThreads threading by your real-life activities. 😅


Threading is my real-life activity. 🤣


It sounds like you are also a tailor or sewer in real life. 🤣


Fantastic. keep repeating that until u hit 125 threads per day.

That should be the goal to hit the 3k mark.

Just think of your goal as 875 threads on #LeoThreads per 7 days, where you don't need to strictly make at least 125 threads per day so that you can sleep well when you need to and thread more than 125 times on a day whenever you feel strong. 🤔🤓


But thunder and lightning disturbed my goal. 🤣


You just need to sleep through thunder and lightning, and feel strong enough after you wake up to thread more to compensate for those threads that you missed for the day! 😎😏


Why was Pavlov's beard so soft?
Because he conditioned it.

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@rzc24-nftbbg, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @savvytester

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Not bad at all. That is a great way to keep it growing.

It all adds up. Just keep going at it.

Yes. Thanks!

That means you will reach your goal of 125 threads at that rate in about 5 hours! 😆🤓


I think earlier than that if not for thunder and lightning. 🤣

It would have been better if you had a backup electricity generator (and backup Internet connection). 🤓 Otherwise, it would have been a good time to sleep well! 🤣


Hmm, thinking of being more effective by following #pept traffic exchange community and earning #ctp tokens while advertising on #ctpx Works 4me, maybe 4you?

Did you create a community for this on the blockchain?

Project ePayTraffic is a community on blockchain.
Is that what you mean?

Project ePayTraffic is a community on blockchain.
Is this what you mean?

#cryptothursday This was my yesterday´s action. I don´t care about prices droping. I #hodl until the next bull run. 😎

Boiled sweetcorn for this rainy afternoon. Let's eat.

Wow is that pepper on it? I can already guess that it is right for the cold season heh

No, it's a cheese powder.

Oh it looks like pepper 😅

Is that sweetcorn with curry powder?

Just a boiled sweetcorn will a little salt and cheese powder.

Hmmm, appetizing.

AND you know that you are much better when you get back to having the itch to do the #zealy quests and it's already 2am!


2AM? Get some sleep. I am sure the quest will still be up when you get up.

dont worry, be happy! many cant even breathe...!

Create long form content and then use that as the basis for a threadstorm.

Is that repurposing the same content @jongolson?

It is okay. I am sending a threadstorm to share my blogpost. Not sure people read my post :P

Most prefer the shorter path. It is a way to get people to read your ideas no matter what they opt for.

I threadstormed it and shared the link to my post.

I feel like people would be more inclined to read bullet posts over a long article.

That is the value of a threadstorm. Can cut it into small chunks and they can go to the article if they want.

Yep, I can see the power in that and apply it for further marketing to drive more traffic to the article via old school web 2. (at least for now until LeoFinance replaces it)

at least for now until LeoFinance replaces it)

Lol Love your optimism.

This kind of confidence is needed in life.

I have seen a few people do that for threadstorms but I haven't yet. I think it's fine as a way to get more people to the post.

#spanish Está muy bien esa actualización de poner artículos en la barra lateral izquierda. Ahora es mucho más intuitivo sobre lo que vamos a encontrar en esa sección.

Un cambio que complementa mejor al sitio.

Estoy haciendo un flan , acá en la casa nos gusta a todos. Quien quiere????

Don't forget, this community account for #freecompliments is voting on every thread that mentions the #freecompliments tag! Even better if there's an actual compliment given to someone to make their day better. 😊 #hive #motivation #life

Also, posts where you mention the FC community get upvoted as well, and will help us grow! Just find a post you like, compliment, mention FC, and let me know. 😊

I made about 200 threads today. That's the kind of goals I want to beat each day. 😎

That's a decent figure if u are being able to produce it daily.

Finally, claiming my quest 💃💃💃. 3k on the way Let's go


It looks like I am still a bit off from 3k. I'll be there soon enough.

Just a matter of hour. Certainly today u r going to unlock it.

Dang, I keep thinking Im further ahead....Time to put on my big boy pants and get to Threadin'

one thread at a time! slothly but surely!

Thanks for the update!

lets go threading

Wow, the campaign is getting more competitive. The heat is on, I'll keep grinding...

I will complete 2500 today. And by the weekend 3000, so that I can unlock 10k XP.

damn, hows a sloth supposed to keep up with that!

¿Alguien para conversar unos minutos en #spanish?

NFA, and I'm not gonna spill the beans but...

I'm stacking more $LEO

Give us a hint? 👀


I don't think you have to be a rocket surgeon to see that the supply/demand imbalance will only send price one way, via leo.voter and ad revenue alone.

See you up there ;)

I had to xD


Sounds good!

Wow, Leo is going to the top. Keep staking...

Doing same. In few months to come

Noticed some enhancements on the publish page! And some improvements in the mobile

Just published my latest post on the new publish page....Flawless and such a nice experience!

I like it a lot

Still having weird scaling issues though

But I still have difficulty uploading photos.

I love my house, which I have made into the home that I love the past 6 years.
#homewednesday #gmfrens #ladiesofhive #threads

wow, it's beautiful

It looks lovely

Just because....

I like $LEO and I don't want to upset Task!

That is a lot of buys. Are you planning on waiting for LPUD or are you powering up everyday?

I can't do it man, I have zero patience LOL As soon as it's liquid, I need it staked! lol

I had to go leodex to check if the price was that coingecko says but no, you pay more than 0.049 for those tokens. I wish that would be the price.

I just buy, I don't even look at the price because I think $LEO is a steal under a buck lol

wow, that's good. that's called investing into a project and in long term.

Agreed. Long term is the mindset for me!

I still wonder how to insert pictures on thread directly? Seeing others' threads with pictures and I can't do it still marvels me.

#gmfrens it is a good day to achieve your targets

Good Morning
Let's work towards our goals..