Avoid airdrop scams

So I was reading this report of an incident which happened earlier this year , the report was about how some people lost all the huge amount of money in their wallets while trying to claim airdrops , they got trapped on an airdrop scam and they lost their money..

You can check the news here

The news reminded me of how I too was hacked in the past while I was trying to claim airdrop which was sounding so sweet and promising , I kept checking for various airdrops and I did not do my own investigation well to confirm if the airdrop is legit or just a scam..

Please airdrops are good , infact alot of investors and traders have gotten alot of benefits from different airdrops , but we should also understand that not all airdrops are genuine and so we need to be careful of the airdrops we try to partake in , there are alot of airdrop scams out there and you just have to stay alert and be careful , do not give your wallet keys out or use your wallet keys on an untrusted platform ,

They will keep offering beautiful airdrops which wouod be good to ignore , they will make very huge promises that will get the attention of alot of people , they will want people to connect their wallets to their scams projects so that they will be able to access the funds on the wallets of others and steal their money from them.

please stay safe.

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