Top 10 Best Methods to get Crypto For Free

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Got an idea to talk about some good ways to earn CryptoCurrencies freely and decided to compile them in a singular video, now i have lot of other similar videos on the channel which you should check out.

  1. Faucets -
  2. Sweatcoin -
  3. Publish0x -
  4. Subsocial -
  5. JungleTV -
  6. Hive -
  7. Odysee -$/invite/@LiteligerNEW:4
  8. PlayNano -
  9. WeNano -
  10. Brave -
  11. Presearch -

These are all KYC Free and do not require any form of an initial deposit of any kind. There are lot of other money-making opportunities that you can check on my channel obviously.

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